AOL: I'm not leaving the hard drive!

  blulightning747 21:46 07 May 2004

Hey, can anyone help? I've changed ISPs from AOL 8 to Blueyonder and somehow AOL 8 got damaged and now everytime i try to delete the rest of the contents it tells me Access denied it may be in use by other programs etc. I went onto Task Manager and shutdown most of the non vital programs but to no avail. I'm running XP home, 2.4GHz, 256MB RAM. Can anyone help?

  hector 911 22:05 07 May 2004

boot in safe mode and remove from there

  Mikè 22:38 07 May 2004

Or try reinstalling Aol and then try again.

  blulightning747 22:41 07 May 2004

I've installed/uninstalled god knows how many times now, no luck. Cheers hector that sounds like a good idea.

  Quiller. 22:47 07 May 2004

You probably find that AOL is running in msconfig \ startup. That is probably why you are getting the "Access denied it may be in use by other programs "

If safe mode does not cure it, look in msconfig and stop it starting with windows. This should help you get rid of it.

  Cesar 09:35 08 May 2004

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