AOl i have 7 days to download this

  patsyanne 08:45 20 Sep 2005

I had this message from AOL yesterday said if i didnt download it within 7 days i wouldnt be able to get a connection i started to download it then by mistake signed off the internet so it must have only got half done but i am not getting the message any more did anyone else have this message ? i have given up calling AOl now its a 0870 number and the helpline on the internet is hopeless, many thanks

  Diemmess 08:58 20 Sep 2005

I have seen nothing similar unless it was an offer for unlimited phone call if you apply......

Seems unusual for Aol, and to vanish without trace!

Could it have been a limited offer to upgrade? If it is important (to them), you will surely have another opportunity.

  Shas 09:01 20 Sep 2005

The one I got said that after the 7 days the connecton would drop to 128kbs or something like that. The download seemed to be only new drivers for the BT Voyager modem, which I don't use now but I downloaded them anyway just in case I have to change back to the BT modem for any reason.

  patsyanne 09:25 20 Sep 2005

Shas oh that was it it said something about droppping connection speed so maybe i should download the new drivers cause i use that modem but it was a huge download seemed to be downloading more than the drivers i see half of it installing different things but i was running windows clean up and when it finished it said did i want to log off now and i pressed yes instead of no so AOl download never finished .
Diemmess who wants that unlimited phone calls most people have free calls with mobile and lots i know use 1866/1899 3p a call but now i see AOL advertise it on the tv

  Shas 09:41 20 Sep 2005

Patsyanne, it was a large download and went on for quite a bit, so it may have been more than just the drivers but it whips along so quick and I didn't really take that much notice.

Keyword 'Drivers' will take you to the modem driver download page, although it says it was last updated 29th August, so I don't know if they are the latest ones that this message referred to?

  patsyanne 09:48 20 Sep 2005

Ok but i think i am going to have ot go on that helpage ,thanks Shas

  Shas 10:00 20 Sep 2005

You're welcome patsyanne.

Clutching at straws maybe, but just a thought - have you switched off the computer since this all happened? If not, when you reboot it may just resume the download on it's own.

Good luck anyway :o)

  patsyanne 10:04 20 Sep 2005

Probably have switched it off but dont think it started to download any thing .I am waiting in line on the help line now i see what they say .

  patsyanne 10:14 20 Sep 2005

heres the answer since November 2004 AOLUK has been migrating existing broadband subscribers from our PPPoA network to our new PPPoE network. There are approximately 240,000 broadband subscribers connecting to AOL using the PPPoA network. We plan to migrate all these broadband subscribers to the new network by September 2005.

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