AOL Help please, re. e-mail

  AngeTheHippy 17:20 29 Dec 2005

Hi Chaps,
a pal of mine uses(unfortunately)AoL as her IP. She cannot send e-mails to anyone, as a box pops up and states 'recipient is not in your contacts list' or similar (I haven't seen it in action...).

Can someone please advise what is going on? She uses her hotmail account for e-mailing which seems totally stupid when she has a 'proper' e-mail address!


  SLAYER 17:23 29 Dec 2005

Hi I've been using AOL for years,this is a new one to me.Could you find out exactly what the pop up says.

  AngeTheHippy 17:28 29 Dec 2005

I won't be in contact with pal until weekend, or maybe tomorrow. I find it bewildering to say the least.

When I went around her place a few weeks ago, I tried sending an e-mail to ME from her AoL account, trhen I would have her e-mail addy. It never arrived here... She's not at all PC literate apart from MS Word or excel, so I try to help out wherever possible.


  Methedrine 17:32 29 Dec 2005

Would your friend be open to the idea of using Outlook Express? If so click here

  SLAYER 17:50 29 Dec 2005

You could try aol's online help service.But I'll have a look later see what I can find.

  palinka 19:11 29 Dec 2005

MY only experience of AOL is the problems that my friends have who use it. From Methedrine's comment it sounds as though you have to be on-line all the time while writing, etc. Outlook express comes ready installed on most (all?) PCs, so why not teach her to use that - it's simpler in the long run, and cheaper if she's on a dial-up.

  rdave13 19:15 29 Dec 2005

Try "email settings" in keyword.Click on advanced tab and tick boxes 1,2,5,6,7and 9.

  rdave13 19:20 29 Dec 2005

Should clarify that; reading the boxes from top down.

  rdave13 19:22 29 Dec 2005

Not the "round ones" :)

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