AOL Hell

  Nancy166 09:16 26 Jun 2010

My battle began four months ago when I lost the internet connection and it's happened each month since.I bought a new Netgear router thinking it was that.After many trials and tribulations and useless Tech help I found that they kept changing the AOL password. I now have six different ones.

They sent me AOL Desktop which I loathe but I could not download the 9.0VR it just wouldn't do it until today and I have no idea why.

So the situation now is. I can use the Desktop but cannot access VR and if I try I instantly lose the internet. Go back to desktop and it returns.

So now I'm on a quest to find the answer. Please can anyone out there solve this puzzle?

  gengiscant 09:26 26 Jun 2010

I was with AOL for many years (now with Be) and must admit to not having many problems with them,particularly in the latter years when I could find myself around a PC and router.

I discovered that you do not need the bulky AOL software on your PC, providing you have your login name and password correctly inputted to your router you should have no problems.

SO, what router are you using, AOL used to get a bit miffed if you chose not to use the one they provided, but i think that has changed and even provides links to various router set up pages.

  provider 2 09:48 26 Jun 2010

I too, was with AOL for a long time but got heartily fed up with their slow-downs and dismal service.

Can you not use your ethernet connection and bypass tha AOL bloatware altogether? You can still access your e-mail with AOL webmail instead of AOL Mail.

Better still, change to another ISP. There are several who will give you a better service and changing over is not all that difficult now.

  provider 2 09:54 26 Jun 2010

Have a go with this and see if it will work for you: click here

  realist 15:02 26 Jun 2010

Download AOL9.0VR from:
click here
Run it and enter your screen name and password.

  Nancy166 17:50 26 Jun 2010

Many thanks for your replies.

My Netgear is DG834PN. Initially AOL wouldn't help if the Netgear wasn't their own but that has changed, probably because so many complained.

I downloaded the old version of 9.0vr but the same thing happened. I receive two pop up messages

helping you to connect and no connection device found......... even though I'm connected to the Internet!

Whatever I do it won't let me in and sometimes the internet goes off and sometimes it doesn't but the info in the Netgear is exactly the same so it has to be something else. Heaven know what.

I have checked the reviews of other ISPs but the most praised BM isn't available in my area.BT has received some dreadful reviews and Talk Talk is now joined with AOL so I suppose I might as well stay put until the next time they disconnect me and my stress levels go through the roof.

Thanks again.

  rdave13 18:38 26 Jun 2010

It appears that AOL is connected but their VR software is not working. Think it's something to do with the tcp/ip change that occurs when using aol 9 vr.
Not sure of your OS (forgotten!) so try uninstalling everything in programs and features. Next type aol in the search box and delete all it finds. Be aware it will delete mail and messages, etc., anything with aol content. So be careful what you delete if you need to keep some docs. Reboot and run Ccleaner and it's registry cleaner.
Now try downloading and installing AOL.9.VR again.
There's nothing wrong with the router as it's doing its job. Seems like an AOL software corruption.
PS, if you had a modem previously, make sure it's been deleted along with its drivers.

  rdave13 18:54 26 Jun 2010

One other thing to remember is the master screen name. Can't quite remember correctly but I think that you should have a different screen name (master and + 18 rating) for the router to your master screen name so that you can log in.
If the router logs in successfuly and you try to log in with same master screen name then it will fail.

  Nancy166 19:18 26 Jun 2010

Thanks rdave13 that's useful and I've copied it into my documents. My OS is Vista and although AOL should be in Programmes and isn't and I usually have to go on the hunt to find it.

Then there's the added irritation of a message to say the uninstall hasn't downloaded properly. Grrh!

I'll follow instructions and see what happens.



  ton 21:10 26 Jun 2010

Why use AOL software?

You don't need it. I have used AOL for several years and haven't had a single problem.

My connection is always there and at the highest speed my line will allow.

You can use any browser and any email program, so why restrict yourself to AOL software?

  rdave13 21:24 26 Jun 2010

One reason, and the only one for me, was I could text mobile 'phones from within AOL's software for 6p and use a decent keyboard to do it.

It's a reason I suppose.

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