AOL Free Webspace

  pj123 11:34 06 Aug 2003

Has anybody successfully uploaded pages to their free webspace on AOL. If so, how did you do it?

  Mango Grummit 12:32 06 Aug 2003

I don't think you can upload pages to AOL freespace. I'm fairly sure you have to build on-site using the 123 Publisher provided.

  graham√ 12:37 06 Aug 2003

You can put a photo on click here

  The Sack 12:46 06 Aug 2003

just use an FTP, the login settings are:

Host name:

Anonymous Login

password is the full screen name of the space you are using and you have to be logged in as that name to use it.

  Djohn 12:48 06 Aug 2003

Might be basic, but if only all web pages where as neat, clean and quick to load, then surfing would be a pleasure.

PS. which one is you? :o)

  The Sack 12:48 06 Aug 2003

AOL Keyword: FTP

will explain it better :-)

  The Sack 12:49 06 Aug 2003

Cross post, sorry :-)

I use BestFTP Explorer.

  pj123 13:36 06 Aug 2003

Are you all saying that if I build a website using DreamweaverMX that I will not be able to upload it to AOL free webspace??

  Djohn 13:54 06 Aug 2003

Not sure Pete, but don't think so. On-line chat will confirm though. j.

  pj123 15:45 06 Aug 2003

Thanks John, will log on to AOL now and talk to them.

  pj123 16:29 06 Aug 2003

To All. Now got an answer from AOL. It appears that a website built prior to uploading to the free website can work, although I was told by an AOL technician "it is not supported by AOL" and "we don't guarantee it will work". The instructions I got actually worked perfectly. This is using my own ftp "CuteFTP" and not AOL's FTP. Using AOLs FTP you have to upload each page and picture as a separate item. If using cuteftp or "they tell me" WS_FTP Pro, you can upload everything in one go. I have CuteFTP and have just tried it and it works perfectly. I am a happy bunny now apart from 2mb webspace isn't a lot. Thanks for all the support I have had. I will tick this as resolved.

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