Aol free trails

  holligan 16:23 30 Dec 2003

How many can you have ? i have had 2 before is there a limit or how does it work please. cheers

  Diemmess 17:18 30 Dec 2003

Sooner or later the a/c database will spot your repeated free trials. I assume that you are using different details each time you "try it out."

The only danger to you is the obvious one of not noticing you are passing the last date to cancel!

Unless you use the internet only for browsing and purchasing it is in your interest to settle for an ISP soon, so that you don't have to keep changing your e-mail address to friends or lose the files you have downloaded.

  holligan 17:40 30 Dec 2003

i tell them i have had it before. and want to try again.

  spuds 23:28 30 Dec 2003

Be carefull with AOL. Once you have it on your system,it can be a little difficult to get rid of it, and so cause further headaches.

  ©®@$? 23:51 30 Dec 2003

i took the trial with aol, and i used 60 hours in a weak while i was waiting for broadband

i cancelled no problems, all i got was the same question over and over, why do you want to cancel.they said you wont be able to take this offer up again,but later in the weak

i got offered aol broadband for a weak no contract as a taster, i declined, got a few letters saying join back with the 45 day trial 180 hours again

so they do want people to kepp using there trial, but the first time it was easy for me to cancel, but have never signed up again

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