AOL free email account problem PLEASE HELP!!!

  poodle1977 08:57 25 Nov 2008

I created a free email account with AOL around 3 weeks ago after someone hacked my hotmail account.
At some point yesterday something happened to this new account and now I am unable to sign in. Either my username or password is not being recognised.
I have tried going to the 'forgot password' option (even though I know I'm entering the correct password) and for some reason it is not sending the reset details to my alternate account.
I have tried ringing aol but apparently because it is a free account they are unable to help me which in my opinion is utterly ridiculous (especially as they are my ISP).
Does anyone know what may have happened here or have a contact number or email address for anyone in aol related to the free email accounts? I have looked everywhere for alternative details but can find nothing. Please help!

  RobCharles1981 11:51 25 Nov 2008

If they are your ISP why are you still with them? They are taking you for a ride. Loads more better ISP's out there.

  poodle1977 12:32 25 Nov 2008

I won't be with them for much longer!

  tullie 12:46 25 Nov 2008

Not the answer required,if he wants to be with AOL,thats up to him,as millions of other people are,a matter of choice i suppose?Sorry i cant answer your question but you can allways open another Hotmail account.Hows your security on pc?

  poodle1977 12:51 25 Nov 2008

Hi, I'm using AVG free and always have my windows firewall on.

I actually have another email account which I can use, that's not the problem. The problem is that I'm expecting a lot of important mail going to the address which isn't working. It's from so many sources that I can't really contact them all to tell them what has happened. It's so annoying.

It's almost like my account has been deleted or something.

  RobCharles1981 19:05 25 Nov 2008

As I said to you poodle ring up for your mac code and move away from them.

  Kaacee 22:04 25 Nov 2008


What happens when you get the sign on page, are your accounts showing there?

  ronalddonald 13:19 03 Dec 2008

up email with google and choose a password only you know and know one else.

change your email title as well instead of being called poodle1977 change to something else you like dont use the old you had with AOL

  tullie 13:40 03 Dec 2008

The idea off a password is so that no one else knows it!

  rdave13 20:19 03 Dec 2008

Try logging in using this url; click here

  rdave13 20:22 03 Dec 2008

Or better still this one, click here?

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