aol favourites list

  paddy123 12:33 04 Aug 2003

does anyone know how to get a full list of all the aol favourite entries ( their full web address rather than the shortened name only that aol gives them ) as i am about to switch to a new isp (telewest) and i would like transfer them over
(aprox 100 entries)

any help appreciated. thanks paddy

  Djohn 12:37 04 Aug 2003

Only way I can think of at the mo. is to open each site so that the URL is showing in the address bar, then copy/paste into word document, then do a print-out. J.

  paddy123 12:49 04 Aug 2003

hi djohn,

thanks for the prompt reply djohn, i thought that might be the only way, but a hundred entries,phoeeee.
i think aol has this one sewn up.

thanks djohn

  graham√ 14:08 04 Aug 2003

The URLs would be held on AOLs server, so wouldn't be available en bloc. You could ring them up or use on-line help for nothing!

Perhaps a quicker way, whilst on a site, click the Favourites button and store the URL there. Then you could save the folder to floppy, etc.

  Djohn 14:29 04 Aug 2003

Just had another thought! [Dangerous :)] could paddy123 open each favourite in aol, one at a time, then minimise aol, bring up IE and transfer?

  graham√ 15:30 04 Aug 2003

You can certainly minimise AOL and then use IE to surf, but the same URL wouldn,t be there from AOL.

  Djohn 15:40 04 Aug 2003

Not tried it myself Graham, but what I meant was open the site in AOL, then copy/past the URL from the address bar, then paste it into the IE address bar, then save.

Bit long winded, I know, but cant think of another way. :o(

  graham√ 09:25 05 Aug 2003

Yes you can do that, but easier to use Favourites as above.

  paddy123 09:42 05 Aug 2003

hi lads,

just logged on.
thanks for all the info re. aol favourites,and i think it will be the long way to get this done.
(maybe have a few cold beers in between all the hard work )

thanks for taking the time to reply. paddy

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