AOL Favourite Places

  StevieB77 19:48 25 Mar 2003

Do any AOL users know if there is a way of making a back up of the ‘Favourite Places’ list? I ask this because I have already lost a lot of address to web sites a used regularly after I had to get my computer reset. Is there perhaps a file in the AOL folder on the hard drive that can be saved to disk?

Thanks in advance of any suggestions.

  Djohn 19:53 25 Mar 2003

All your settings are held on the aol server, so if you uninstall for any reason, everything comes back automatically, therefore you do not need to back-up your favourites/personal filing cabinet/e-mails, or address book. J.

  graham 19:53 25 Mar 2003

Open 'Favourites', right-click on Favourites, click on 'save folder as...'

  StevieB77 20:02 25 Mar 2003


I'm sure you are right but when I installed AOL everything was reset!


That works a treat.

Thanks both for your advice.

  graham 20:03 25 Mar 2003

How do you get them back on the PC? I ask because I had to do a system recover and I lost all those things you mention.

  Djohn 20:11 25 Mar 2003

Don't know to be honest, but over the past few weeks I have had 12 separate versions running, and each time I installed a new one, it carried everything over. even now I have four different versions on test.

Four weeks ago, I formatted and installed win XP and then did a clean install of aol, all my settings and other information was there as soon as I logged on.

I do have some info on this though, I received it from AOL themselves a while back. I will dig it out and put it on this thread.

  Djohn 20:20 25 Mar 2003

Thought I had kept it but can't seem to find it.

If you go to on-line help and ask for info. on retrieving details after an install, they have a standard info. sheet witch they will e-mail you straight away. J.

  Mango Grummit 21:22 25 Mar 2003

Copy the folder from AOL called "organise". All favourites and PFC stuff is held there -- all in AOL code of course. I back up this folder as part of my normal backup routine.

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