AOL fault - help!

  Georgie68 09:41 18 Jan 2008

On tuesday, aol 'kindly' served me one of it's automatic downloads to 'improve' connectivity - however, since then I have not been able to connect to the internet as aol tells me it 'cannot detect a connection devise'!
My modem and set up is exactly the same as it was before so I know it is working okay, and I am now online after having temporarily signed up to orange.
I have spent three solid days on the phone and have had telephone conversations with 6 different aol tech people now who have not been able to solve it.
One, (who could actually speak english) told me it was due to the 'download being faulty and not completing as it should, but would be rectified', howver that does not help me as I can't get connected using aol to redownload the update!

  mrwoowoo 10:43 18 Jan 2008

do a system restore to before the update.
have you tried the one click fixes in aol to redetect the modem?

  Georgie68 11:31 18 Jan 2008

My system restore is off and i've tried all the one click fixes. My modem is present and working correctly hence my being able to get online now, but the aol sign on just will not recognise it. The 'redetecting the modem' route also does not come up with anything.
I thought i'd be just one of many who was having the same problem, which is why I posted on here, as one tech person said it was a 'known fault with the latest update and they were working to correct it'?

  provider 2 12:58 18 Jan 2008

Blasted AOL updates. The one before was a flashing ad on the e-mail page that`s driving me nuts.

Have you tried:
All Programmes> AOL> system info (takes forever to appear)> quick restore.

This may put things right. No guarantees, of course.

  Georgie68 13:43 18 Jan 2008

Thanks provider 2 but no go unfortunately.
What bit of the download that managed to install itself must have altered some settings on my comp in some way, because i've even uninstalled the aol software and reinstalled from a disc thinking it'd get rid of the newly installed files, but sadly not....

  provider 2 15:49 18 Jan 2008


I don`t know what else to suggest that would be of any use, but three things might be worth considering:

The "technicians working on it" bit, in my experience of AOL usually means "go away, we don`t have a clue what`s wrong with it either". Turned out to be a cow scratching its arse on a telephne pole that brought down some of the wires about half a mile from here. Not that they would know that in India, of course.

If this is an update for AOL 9.0 and you are on XP, there shouldn`t have been a problem. If, on the other hand, you are on Vista and AOL 9.0 VR, then who knows? Even worse if you are still on AOL 9.0 with Vista.

On the utilities section of AOL> system info. there is a option to "rebuild AOL adapter" that you might want to try, since the AOL uninstal has a reputation for being fairly useless. Check the SEARCH box for "uninstal AOL".

  Miros 16:15 18 Jan 2008

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling AOL?

  provider 2 16:19 18 Jan 2008


Sorry to interrupt. That shoild be "uninstall AOL"

  Miros 16:31 18 Jan 2008

Sorry hadn't digested your last sentence.

What about using Add or Remove from control panel? And remove AOL from there.

My AOL was updated about a week ago and is running great, but I have a wireless router, not a modem! As I recall there was a WARNING not to do XYZ? at the time which I can't recall now, but I did as I was advised at the time.

  provider 2 17:13 18 Jan 2008

Sorry for the delay. Normal AOL slowdown 4.30 to 5.30 approx. here.

Wireless router here too but the Netgear, not AOL one.

No warning received, only an e-mail from AOL saying connectivity was about to be upgraded automatically. Do nothing. (except keep your fingers crossed).

  Miros 17:28 18 Jan 2008

Yes that's what I have a Netgear router, best thing since sliced bread.

Had a two AOL upgrades lately, one to improve connectivity as Georgie68 got and that went A OK. The other was an offer to increase from 2MBs to 8MBs for £14.99 but since my line wouldn't' couldn't handle 8MBs only 4.5 they offered me that on the current price plan, £9.99p.
I in fact get just under 6MBs now and AOL for me has gone from strength to strength which unfortunately is of no help to Georgie boy, sounds like he has been very unlucky.

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