AOL email problem

  User-1BD6D3E1-0CC3-49F6-BF40FF97E4E996B4 20:33 17 Aug 2003

For some reason whenever I send email now on AOL it comes out funny at the other end for instance when typing out the email from left to right when
it's sent it comes out so some lines only have
word like above even though I type to the end of the window.

Anyone now what's going on?

  stlucia 13:50 18 Aug 2003

Are you pressing the Return key when you get to the end of a line, instead of letting the software start a new line? If so, the recipient's software will start new lines at the ends of lines, plus wherever you did a Return. If his window is not exactly the same width as yours was, you will then get odd words, or short lines, on their own.

  Djohn 14:14 18 Aug 2003

Good point from stlucia, I have been thinking about your problem since yesterday, that possibility never crossed my mind! [Old age]

Also try sending an e-mail to yourself, see how it appears. j.

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