aol email Invalid username/password error

  SallyC 12:49 13 Feb 2009

Tried to log into my free email account with aol this morning and it refused to recognise my ID & password. I use Post Office as a service provider not aol, so it's purely an email account. I checked their forum and it looks like a recent upgrade to v9 has been problematic. I did all advised - ran cc cleaner, spyware - and still no change. I ckecked a couple of other email accounts we have and they worked fine, so not keyboard/connection problems.
I then went back to aol and changed the ID from to and it let me in, but very slowly.
As this has been our main email address for more than 2 years all my contacts, emails including registrations are stored in there so wouldn't want to loose access to it all. Have registered with Plaxo to back up contacts & forwarded the important emails to another address. I have also emailed aol to ask what is going on?
Has anyone else been having problems/ have any solutions?

  DippyGirl 13:39 13 Feb 2009

Dont know about AOL - but other Web based mail eg Google allow you manage your mail from an email client running on your PC. You can download your messages and leave or delete on their servers as you wish.
You would need an email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook.
Once on your PC messages could be backed up as with any other data

  provider 2 14:02 13 Feb 2009

Sit tight ... I think it`s an AOL problem, not your system ... could be wrong, of course:

click here

  SallyC 15:12 13 Feb 2009

Thanks for this provider 2 - I'm busy creating a local db of email addresses & registrations (should have done it months ago) and will wait and see. aol still refusing to recognise [email protected] though. Will post aol's response if I get one

  provider 2 16:02 13 Feb 2009


I`ve just clicked your @aol.etc and it brought up the AOL e-mail page with the thingy blinking ready for text, so it should be ok now (I hope.)

I`ve had two e-mails to friends AOL> Hotmail returned today though, so perhaps the system may still be catching up on the down time. I sent them the failed e-mail (undelivered) notification just now and they have just confirmed they recieved both it and my rather long-winded explanation.

Fingers crossed AOL has fixed things now but time will tell.

  SallyC 19:55 17 Feb 2009

I had a couple of responses from AOL telling me to check the AIM settings - I don't use AIM (at least I don't think so!) - and they didn't answer my query as to where I could find my profile. Had trouble logging in again today - same problem. But I noticed this site as I googled AOL : click here It seems to do the same thing as CC cleaner which I ran a couple of days ago. Running 'repair errors' it found 300+ errors which seems a bit strange, I didn't let it delete anything as I'm not sure what it6 is (AVG said it was free from viruses etc). Has anyone used this software? Does anyone know if it repairs aol because I'm seriously considering changing to another site for our main email.
Many thanks

  provider 2 22:44 17 Feb 2009


AIM is the instant messenger service. I don`t use it it all but there should be a running figure with IM underneath (perhaps it`s AIM on the new toolbar), on your AOL toolbar which you can clck and fiddle about with settings on there somewhere.

I have to say your click here looks impressive and useful if it can do all claims. Personally, I wouldn`t tiuch it with a barge pole mainly because of the registry thing. One mistake there and it`s curtains for the whole system, never mind AOL. Still, maybe that`s just the reaction of a non-risktaker.

Have you tried accessing your e-mail on the web? It`s not too dificult, and useful if your are having some problems with the usual method. One way is to use the e-mail button the the AOL home page (top of the column on the left): click here . I think this can be accessed using any browser.

  provider 2 23:07 17 Feb 2009

I was just looking at your first post again ... the part where you say you use the post office as a service provider, not AOL?

I think there may be some misunderstanding. AOL e-mail is free but only in the sense of free to AOL subscribers. If you have changed to BT, then you can expect your AOL e-mail service will end, though I`m told they don`t terminate it immediately in most cases. There seems to be quite a wide variation in the time taken to do this.

  User-1229748 05:55 18 Feb 2009

yep there is a wide variation cos i left aol 12 months back but my aol email is still going,but there are fake aol email links if you do a yahoo search,they will not let you sign in and they say you have to send personal details or the account will be closed,so be careful.

  SallyC 09:33 18 Feb 2009

I've never used aol as broadband provider - I set up the email address when I left a company two years ago. I've been using aol free email provision ever since, both in the UK and abroad and had no problems with it until the aol upgrade. So this leads me to think that like msn, google etc it is a free email service - might be wrong of course. As to 'Reg Tool', provider 2 this was my thinking being an ultra-cautious person so I think I'll remove it without using it fully. I will check your suggestion of fiddling with the AM button, but would just say that I always access aol through IE web browser - it comes up as my default chosen page. Still no solution from aol helpdesk tho they are answering my emails! Thanks everyone

  provider 2 11:07 18 Feb 2009


You`re right and I`m wrong ... sorry. There is, as you say, a free AOL e-mail web service and this item in web user refers to a recent update: click here

I don`t think the AOL 9VR upgrade has anything to do with your problem, however. It was introduced a long time ago, before the public release of Vista, if I remember correctly, though many of us are still using the older AOL 9 with XP.

Have you had any useful response from AOL? It could be that there is something else on your system that is causing the problem, rather than the AOL stuff. Being no great fan of AVG 8.0, I`m wondering if that`s the version you have and if this might be blocking your web e-mail access?

I`m reluctant to suggest switching it off even temporarily, but in the end, I think it`s a possibilty that needs to be checked if AOL can`t sort things for you.

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