Aol Dialup Connection

  RobCharles1981 16:14 22 Jan 2006

Anyone have the same problem as I am?? Its basicaly very sluggish done all the usual spyware checks and repaird ACS and its still very slow, spoke too someone in livehelp and they suggest that it's the length of my phone line which I also have an extention cable and it should be no more than 10 feet of line what do you suggest ??

  RobCharles1981 19:32 22 Jan 2006

Im currently on 44.000 on a Conexant v92 56k with the latest driver, I thought it could be the modem so I brought one yesterday but no differnece so thats going back too PC World, but on the whole it has too be the fact that the length on Phone line is much too long...

  SB23 10:27 24 Jan 2006

I'm on AOL BB at the mo up in Lincolnshire, but we are hoping to get back to S Wales soon. I will probably have to go back to dialup, I hope this isn't a taster of things to come.

  RobCharles1981 17:43 24 Jan 2006

I agree too seventisdolly - when you try too talk too them in plain english they have a terible Job understanding what your on about, Some time back I phoned their Help Desk that was bloody worst! I ended up putting the phone down on the bugger he couldnt understand my english!!

The Modem I brough from PC World was a Zoom V92 Modem it didnt make no difference but the modem was allot loader, Ive stuck the other one back in, I hope I have broadband soon AOL anytime is driving me nuts! Cant play Harlf Life on a decent ping rate!!

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