Aol Dialup Connection

  RobCharles1981 16:14 22 Jan 2006

Anyone have the same problem as I am?? Its basicaly very sluggish done all the usual spyware checks and repaird ACS and its still very slow, spoke too someone in livehelp and they suggest that it's the length of my phone line which I also have an extention cable and it should be no more than 10 feet of line what do you suggest ??

  hzhzhz 16:47 22 Jan 2006

I'm with aol. My router is on the end of a 33ft extension cable and 3 pc's accessing the wireless router without a problem.

  hzhzhz 16:48 22 Jan 2006

sorry, didnt spot the dial up bit.

  belt_and_braces 17:18 22 Jan 2006

when you logon to AOL, what speed are you getting ?

I am dial up on ntl second phone line, i use v92 modem. for 80% of time i get 49000 bit rate, the ret usually 48666 or 46000. if i get less than 46000 i logoff and redial.

  RobCharles1981 19:32 22 Jan 2006

Im currently on 44.000 on a Conexant v92 56k with the latest driver, I thought it could be the modem so I brought one yesterday but no differnece so thats going back too PC World, but on the whole it has too be the fact that the length on Phone line is much too long...

  belt_and_braces 00:52 24 Jan 2006

it's not just the length, try and get a very good quality cable for any extention length.

i am however concerned - if it were the length of the phone extension i believe that you would be getting a slow connection reported from the outset. 44,000 is not a bad rate for a long dial extension...

its possible that something is downloading in the background. use xp task manager to see what the rates reported are.
with 44,000 on a 10mps scale in think it should show 0.44% approx; on a 100mps scal it should be 0.044% approx.

  WXMAN 10:16 24 Jan 2006

Hi,I am on aol dialup for 4 years, since last JULY it has been very slow at times I had a choise of phone No's until july.Nearly every day I have to wait up to 20 mins to get on but on odd times I get on 30sec's I am in the WREXHAM AREA N WALES

  SB23 10:27 24 Jan 2006

I'm on AOL BB at the mo up in Lincolnshire, but we are hoping to get back to S Wales soon. I will probably have to go back to dialup, I hope this isn't a taster of things to come.

  Shortstop 10:39 24 Jan 2006

About 6-8 months ago there was a rumour doing the rounds that AOL were looking to put customers off dial up access in favour of broadband. The logic behind this was supposedly that broadband is more cost effecient, rarely goes wrong due to user or software altering settings and AOL could provide higer % figures of broadband customers and be seen to be helping Tony towards his 'one nation, one internet' goal ;o) Methods raised were slowing down of dial up internet access speed, charging almost the same for dial up as basic broadband and removal of the freephone helpline as this would mean less staff required to man helplines and, as the access number for AOL on dial up is a frephone number, there was no perceived loss of revenue.

I noticed a significant downward turn in speed about a month later and moved over to Broadband. Shortly after that, the access to the freephone help was removed [unless you also had the phone line - an income generator that would pay towards the labour costs incurred].

Not much of a help, but it is interesting that so much has hppened that has [in my opinion] proven that the rumours were based on truth.



  belt_and_braces 11:18 24 Jan 2006

my dial-up experience is the reverse. i went from a v90 to a v92 modem about 3 months ago and after a couple of weeks i am getting a faster consistent service; from 46/48000 to 49333 ~95% of the time.
its on a second phone in an NTL only house with lines and cables about 5 years old.
and if anyone wants to know, i cant get cable broadband here cos bankrupt NTL wont spend the money upgrading an old videotron exchange - this in a very affluent area of SW London. Ar**holes

  seventiesdolly 12:04 24 Jan 2006

I'm with AOL dial-up and my connection speed is 48000 on about 40 ft of cable/extension.
I find AOL to be full of tempermental irregularities...disconnecting me for no reason, sometimes having to dial out twice, or three times, to get a connection, and the ever popular 'AOL not responding' messages. I also find their 'live (really!) help' staff to be severely lacking in the brain cells department.

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