aol - crap

  aceguy 18:31 01 Oct 2004

i have had aol now for around 4 days(dial up)while i wait for my aol broadband modem. so far i think it has been total rubbish compared to my old freeserve isp. the thing is when i try to share sum files aol shuts of and does not connect back by itself-no matter how i set it up!!! will the broadband be this bad to?? any ideas anyone??

  Noelg23 18:35 01 Oct 2004

well for starters the broadband will be faster but there are people out there who dont like AOL so you may get some nice on the other hand use a compnay called Central Point...1meg connection for only £26 a month...cheaper than BT, AOL and Wanadoo...service is here

  picklsey 18:37 01 Oct 2004

aol bb no probs. if you set it up right.

  badgermansix 18:38 01 Oct 2004

I don't use AOL myself, but to be honest, I would have thought that any ISP that big, cannot be crap aceguy :-))

  Noelg23 18:41 01 Oct 2004

some people get the good service...other dont...its that luck of the draw again...

  aceguy 18:50 01 Oct 2004

i am going to try broadband when it arrives and see what like - i get a seven day cooling period!! still like freeserve!!!

  Jackcoms 18:52 01 Oct 2004


"still like freeserve!!!"

So why did you move? If it ain't broke...

  aceguy 19:01 01 Oct 2004

someone broke into my house and stole my pc - i got it replaced (insurance). so i was going to go for aol silver but now i hav my doubts

  aceguy 19:01 01 Oct 2004

am off to the pub-cheers anyhow!!!

  CurlyWhirly 23:05 01 Oct 2004

I have been with AOL for nearly the last 3 years and of this time I have been on AOL Broadband for 18 months with NO problems.
If it is properly set up I can't see what the problem is.

  ej_clan 23:13 01 Oct 2004

I have used AOL for 2 years and would'nt use anything else now. I have mine linked via a router to 3 Pc's Spot On!

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