rotormota 20:27 18 Oct 2003

I was told I could use my Talk21 email addresses & server with AOL Communicator email programme on my AOL Broadband. I have tried every possible configuration & I cannot send whatsoever. I can receive however.

Does anyone have a solution or is the only solution to dump AOL?


  hugh-265156 00:23 19 Oct 2003


  Joanne_1 00:56 19 Oct 2003
  Djohn 01:10 19 Oct 2003

Yes "Communicator" will enable you to use POP3 and IMAP protocols in the sense that you can use all email programs including IE in the one place, but all your sending is done through the communicator itself. I have "Communicator" installed, but no other e-mail programs at the moment.

During the BETA testing of the program I set up and used several PAYG accounts with Freeserve, Freeuk, and BT. All incoming test mail and out-going test mail worked fine by using "Communicator" as a central point for receiving mail and for sending mail.

Communicator is a general release program now and is covered under the free help line from AOL. They will stay with you for as long as you need to set-up and have the program working to your satisfaction. j.

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