AOL Closedown

  StevieB77 19:11 08 Aug 2004

Everytime I closedown my computer I get a message saying 'End Program - AOLDIAL.EXE', then I have to 'end the program'. I have tried reinstalling AOL but it still happens. Can anyone help?

  Graham ® 19:27 08 Aug 2004

My first port of call would be AOL. Go to keyword Live Help.

  livewire 19:33 08 Aug 2004

Aol- How unsurpising.......

Have you tried re-installing the AOL Software?

Also, have you made sure that you have fully disconnected from the internet before shutting down the system?

  StevieB77 19:47 08 Aug 2004

Yes I have tried re-installing and as far as I know the internet connection is closed after I have logged off AOL.

I can now understand your comment 'how surprising', one of the most annoying things about AOL is that I cant use MS outlook. Earlier today I helped set up a relative on the internet (wanadoo) and that can use outlook no problems. I think I will be changing soon. Anyone recommend the best ISP for broadband?

  CHAIRLEG 19:48 08 Aug 2004

I get this message as well but not all the as only started since i upgraded from aol dial up to aol bb.dial up modem is disconnected.I click end now and i don't seem to have any problems.Fingers crossed.

  livewire 19:50 08 Aug 2004

You can use AOL with Outlook 2002. Instructions on the way....

Also, do you have a BT Voayger 105 modem? If you go to AOL Keyword Broadband Drivers you should make sure you are using the most up to date drivers.

  livewire 19:54 08 Aug 2004

Take a look at click here

replace and with: and

:) Hope that helps

  bertiecharlie 19:56 08 Aug 2004

It seems to be a fairly common problem when you move from dialup to broadband. If you have moved to broadband, like Chairleg, all you need to do is disable "aoldial" from your start up programmes using msconfig.

  CHAIRLEG 20:02 08 Aug 2004

Thanks will do.

  Jade 14 G 20:15 08 Aug 2004

I have the same as you, l just got used to it in the end, l am on dial up as ntl are not doing Broardband yet

  Ant_W 20:26 08 Aug 2004

AOLDial.exe is a new feature for AOL 9, that allows you to access the internet, without using the AOL software. I too get this 'End Program' error box occasionally, and the best thing you can do is just ignore it. I know for a fact that you can't stop the AOLDial.exe from loading, because it's an integral part of the new AOL Software. You can access the AOL Dialer Preferences by going to the Sign On Screen and clicking 'Sign On Options' and then 'Dialler Settings'. In there are a few settings you might be able to muck around with!

Hope That Helps,


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