Is AOL changing their dial up number?

  cdb 22:08 06 Oct 2004

My mum says she keeps getting a pop up telling her that she needs to change her dialup number. Without going up there and seeing it for myself, I thought I'd ask on here in case it's some dodgy pop up and not AOL.

  PinguJohn 22:17 06 Oct 2004

If you are referring to the number 0808 996 9000 then I am getting the same pop up

  cdb 22:18 06 Oct 2004

I'll have to ask her if thats the number. Is it a genuine AOL pop up?

  feb 22:59 06 Oct 2004

Try going to, Keyword "Best Number"

  ami 00:44 07 Oct 2004

yes, AOL are in the process of advising users that new numbers are now available.
As feb says, you can always ensure the numbers are AOL freephone numbers by going to Keyword - best number.

  Noelg23 07:32 07 Oct 2004

AOL have been changing the dial up numbers since at least May or June of this year and are now getting round to telling their users!! I had a friend who was unable to dial up to 3 yes 3 different numbers and then finally I managed to get him the correct number. I didnt bother ringing AOL cos they wouldnt have helped but I am not surprised they are just telling their customers about this now...before their customers would come thru to BT Faults and blame us for them not being able to connect so I told them no the problem is with AOL they just dont want to tell you...and now here's me yes just do a keyword for Best Numbers and you're off...

  cdb 15:36 07 Oct 2004

OK cheers for that guys. Guess I better tell her to change it.

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