AOL cannot open file

  jessej 11:08 07 Nov 2004

I imagine this is an easy one for somebody, but maybe not.
I have been browsing a magazine DVD, when I click on 'Open Folder' AOL tries to open it, for reasons unknown.
1st message pops up: The file may not be supported by AOL. AOL will try to open it as a text file if you choose to continue.
Click on 'Yes'
2nd message then pops up: This file is too large to open using AOL. Please open this file using another application.

Q. How? And how come AOL is selected in the first place to open this type of file?
Obviously some setting that I have never had any reason to bother about in the past, but I don't where to find it and change it.
As always, any, and all, suggestions gratefully received.

  VoG II 11:20 07 Nov 2004

Right click the file (Shift + Right click if Windows 98) and select Open With from the pop-up menu. Browse to select a suitable program, such as Windows Media Player. Tick the box to always use this program to open this type of file.

  jessej 09:26 08 Nov 2004

Many thanks for your reply, should have thought of that myself but then I am getting a bit senile in my old age. Some say I have already got but that's another story.

  jessej 15:01 08 Nov 2004

Sorry to say VoG that that is no good, right clicking on the file/folder on the DVD does not bring up any dialogue at all so I cannot select 'Open With..'. I have since tried the DVD in another, old and very slow, computer that does not have AOL, or any other ISP, loaded and the folders eventually open as D:\DVD Content\????
I've gone through all the settings I can find and am unable to find any which tell AOL to try to open files, there must be one somewhere - I just can't find it.

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