AOL via cable connection issues

  odb 21:20 29 Dec 2003


I'm currently with AOL Broadband on NTL cable, i have a AOL Broadband 120 modem which is the same as the NTL Home 120, the installation disc has been misplaced and im in need of drivers for the modem if possible? also im trying to connect the modem via ethernet...when i boot pc up it states im online and would i like to start aol now...although when i try aol fails to respond as does all other internet related programs, any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

  [email protected]@m 22:00 29 Dec 2003

Oh, you've moved. Is the AOL broadband working at the moment?

  odb 22:06 29 Dec 2003

sorry was advised to, i cant get onto broadband no, im on dial up at the moment

  [email protected]@m 22:10 29 Dec 2003

OK, so the AOL broadband has worked, but is not working at the moment? Was it working via USB?

  plsndrs3 22:17 29 Dec 2003

Have you asked AOL for a driver or looked on their website under keywords [using dial up to get in]? Djohn doesn't seem to be about at the moment and although I use AOL, I sneakily get broadband through my employers' modem - I just used an AOL 8.0 disk to upgrade as recommended by Djohn. Is the driver you need on an AOL 8.0 disk? Have you tried calling them on their freephone number for help?


  adviseclive 22:21 29 Dec 2003

You can obtain an AOL 8.0 disc free from any Asda store if your in UK. Hope this helps

  [email protected]@m 22:27 29 Dec 2003

This is all getting very messy. Can't get my breath.

Can you confirm if it has ever worked? Otherwise we don't know what the problem is.

  Djohn 23:11 29 Dec 2003

Evening everyone. Sorry for not responding sooner, not been too well today :o(

I see that this is in the very capable hands of [email protected]@m though, and I'm sure he will be able to have odb up and running once he responds back again.

Just one question odb. Are you trying to network your connection?

  [email protected]@m 23:41 29 Dec 2003

Hope you are feeling better.

odb, if you want us to help you must tell us what the problem is.

You ask for the modem drivers, they will be available from your ISP. If this is AOL, they will provide the drivers.

You ask about ethernet, this is clouding the issue, one thing at a time.

  [email protected]@m 23:48 29 Dec 2003

Graham on snooze 'til tomorrow.

  odb 14:41 30 Dec 2003

Sorry for the delay, no broadband hasn't worked before, the disc i recieved was from aol was used to install the cable modem however i lost that disc and have been waiting weeks now to get a new one from aol, i rang today to find out aol has cancelled my broadband with ntl for no reason! hense why the broadband no longer works...all this mess and down to them so will have to wait to see what they mess up next. All i can say is my 2 year experience with aol has been less than pleasent and to avoid it unless you dont mind being messed around.

Thanks for the replys

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