AOL Browser Vs Firefox

  Angry Kid 22:30 07 Jul 2008

Good evening,

I am trying to help a colleague at work to tidy up her pc and make it more secure/clean using the usual programs mentioned on this forum. ;-)

One of the other things I am trying to get her to do is to switch to Firefox, as I am sure this will help her browsing experience.

Please can I ask you for your comments on both these browsers, so that I can pass this information on to her, and which one would you choose over the other and why.

I am sure she would appreciate your comments.

Thanks as always.

Angry ;-)

  provider 2 22:51 07 Jul 2008

I use the AOL browser mainly because I`m used to it. I really can`t think of any other sensible reason to use the damn thing, except perhaps that it seems to stop pop-ups pretty well if you set it correctly ... it won`t stop AOL pop-ups, but that`s another matter.

They`ve recently gone back to the Google-powered version, much to the relief of most of us who thought AOL`s own, home-grown wonder was a pain in the neck, but whether or not that has been dumped is anybody`s guess since AOL likes to keep us in the dark most of the time.

I have an ethernet connection so I can use IE 7.0 when my AOL software connection drops to ridiculously low speeds and the AOL browser is a total waste of time.

Your friend`s choice, of course, but if she shows any signs of interest in Firefox, I think you should encourage her in that direction.

  provider 2 23:12 07 Jul 2008

Forgot to mention the Parental Controls are reputed to be quite good too, but since my kids aren`t exactly kids any more, I don`t use them.

  cruiser2 16:49 08 Jul 2008

Have been using Firefox for over a year without any problems. It is much quicker than my previous browser and email. Was recommeneded to me by someone who was already using it.

  Angry Kid 19:47 08 Jul 2008


Thanks to you all for your replies.

I will pass you comments on and leave this topic open for a short while longer.

Angry ;-)

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