ronroam 00:47 22 Oct 2005

Intermittently my AOL browser tries to access a website and the attempt times out after 'hanging'.

Yesterday I went onto the (emc) website and clicked their opt out of their tracker cookie.Could this be linked?

My Mozilla Firefox browser seems to work OK.

Any ideas?

  CurlyWhirly 01:15 22 Oct 2005

I get the same thing happening when I use the AOL browser so I have decided to transfer my favourite websites listing into either Firefox or Internet Explorer and ditch the AOL browser.

I get this happening loads of times while on PCA as I get a 'Session is expired' error message and the only solution I have found is to log off and then log in again.

When I use IE or FF I *don't* get these errors.
Also on some websites when I attempt to open certain 'active content' like a online video for example, the webpage just refreshes.

Sorry it isn't a solution to your problem but it's the only solution I know!

  DANZIG 02:10 22 Oct 2005


How do you transfer all your faves into another browser?

  ronroam 02:51 22 Oct 2005

Thanks for your comments Curly. The symptoms that you've described fit mine to a T, which in a way gives some reassurance. I thought there might be some spyware lurking but guess not; it is hey ho hell again.

  CurlyWhirly 03:10 22 Oct 2005

DANZIG - I don't know of a quick way to transfer my favourites into Firefox and Internet Explorer and I am in the process of doing it.
It doesn't help that I have hundreds of entries.

I just plod along and will eventually complete the task ;0)

ronroam - No I don't think you have any spyware on your PC as if you experience the same symptoms as me then it is down to the AOL browser.

I forgot one more symptom I get is that *sometimes* if a web page times out, if I attempt to close it, the AOL browser crashes which is most annoying.

  Snec 09:31 22 Oct 2005
  CurlyWhirly 14:27 22 Oct 2005

Thanks for the link as it worked and I only have Firefox to do now ;0)

  splork 14:45 22 Oct 2005

That will take no time at all - start Firefox,click File menu and select Import. It will import all your newly transferred Internet Explorer favourites

  CurlyWhirly 15:30 22 Oct 2005

Very helpful and I now have Firefox complete as well. Thanks ;0)

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