aol broadband....your views please

  jay.p 22:48 07 Mar 2007

i used to be with aol in the dial up days and suffered from the internet freezing on a regular basis resulting in having to always reboot my pc.
now with tesco broadband ( no complaints at all ), but aol do a much better deal ,nearly £5 cheaper for unlimited compaired to tesco's 10 gig limit.
my question is have aol improved or is their software still pants.
thanks in advance.

  hzhzhzhz 23:08 07 Mar 2007

I've been with aol bb for over 2 years and I have no complaints whatsoever.

  wolfie3000 23:44 07 Mar 2007

Iv been with AOL also for about 2 years and have no problems with the connection,
But the software (browser) does have a few niggles in it,

Like when connecting it tends to pause on the "checking password" part for a few seconds,
But apart from that iv got no complaints,

Also the welcome screen can be a bit annoying.

  feb 23:46 07 Mar 2007

You don't need to use the AOL software! click here

  jay.p 23:53 07 Mar 2007

thanks for your input guys.
thanks feb that looks interesting, i will give it a go when i sign up.i used to minimumize aol and just use internet explorer in the dial up days which seemed to work better than their browser.

  ashdav 00:40 08 Mar 2007

AOL connection is good. Very little contention and the speeds are consistent.
But the software is dubious. Recommend you don't install it. You won't lose anything. As they give you a router for free there's nothing to lose.
Also you don't get any spam using their email.

  Snec 02:21 08 Mar 2007

I have been with AOL for over six years with no problems except for one time when there was a problem at the exchange and I was off the internet for six days. I made numerous phone calls to AOL trying to convince them where the problem was. In the end they conceded that the problem was at the exchange and had it fixed within two hours. But if you cannot get on the net because your connection is down you cannot now rely on the phone. I have now been trying to contact them by phone for over a week and it is proving impossible to talk to anyone. Because of this I will be cancelling as soon as I can make contact. They will only accept cancellations by phone, but it does not get answered. You try.

The connection, apart from the problem mentioned, has always been fast reliable. Better than anyone of my friends who are not on AOL. But not being able to contact them by phone if your connection is down makes it a non-goer I'm afraid. How do you solve it? You can't.

  hzhzhzhz 08:18 08 Mar 2007

As a few have said,dont use the aol software. I certainly dont.

  FatboySlim71 08:46 08 Mar 2007

I have been with AOL for 4 years in total, 1 year of that was on dial up and the other 3 are broadband. I have never had any problems with them, I always find that I have a fast reliable connection.

I find AOL the same as Snec "Better than anyone of my friends who are not on AOL". Also I like their software, I know a lot of people don't like AOL's software but I find it very user friendly. I have only once been without service in 4 years, and this was only for 3-4 hours, IMO that is excellent.

Also as you may know already, there are no download limits with AOL. I get VERY LITTLE spam with me using AOL's email as it uses a rather effective spam filter system.

  realist 09:04 08 Mar 2007

Yes, AOL is above-all very user-friendly and recommended for family use, their built-in messenger is great for keeping in touch with friends and relatives.
I've been with them for seven years with no major hitches and have now got my subs down to £9.99 for silver bb.

  jay.p 14:50 08 Mar 2007

thanks to all,been a great help.

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