AOL Broadband/BT Openworld Dial-Up

  brambles 13:37 17 Oct 2003

A close friend has just purchased a new Dell computer & signed up for AOL and tells me he has the Broadband Service. Well he would have if it works! AOL seem to have given up on helping him to get consistently connected. I think the kids are ready to leave home in frustration.

I said if he had asked me before I would have recommended BTOpenworld normal service to begin with & then if OK update to their Broadband.

I can't think there are any problems to loading latest BT Openworld software (which appeared in a PC magazine this month)& use as a normal dial-up operation so at least they can get online - after which presumably the kids would unpack!

I have warned him he may have problems cancelling his credit card monthly payments I know how slow AOL are in this regard.

Any help would be appreciated.


  graham√ 13:42 17 Oct 2003

Is the modem connected to the comp by USB?

  [DELETED] 13:53 17 Oct 2003

There should be no problem with connecting AOL broadband, very straightforward.

graham√ will have you up and running in no time at all. :o)

  brambles 13:53 17 Oct 2003

Graham basically I don't know - in fact broadband is a new area. What are the alternatives

i.e if it is
i.e. if it isn't

I can't contact him today.

  hugh-265156 13:59 17 Oct 2003

some faq`s click here

freephone aol bb helpline 0800 376 4406

  graham√ 14:18 17 Oct 2003

USB is the most common, especially on a new PC. USBs usually come in pairs, each fed off one Root.

Each Root will typically have 500mA of power available (it's current, really).

An ADSL modem will require 500mA. So it will need to be on a Root by itself, nothing plugged into the other socket.

You can view the power available and being drawn in Device Manager, so you can practice on your PC and talk to your friend like an expert.

  [DELETED] 14:35 17 Oct 2003

The problem will most likely have been caused by not following the instructions to the letter. There are several ways to approach the problem and find the cause, but by far the best and easiest way, if you can pop round to your friend, is. Go into control panel and un-install AOL software and also the Voyager modem, reboot the PC and start again.

The un-install will take about 5 minutes. Disconnect the modem from the PC, check it's connected correctly to and from the filter and phone socket, then insert the CD and follow the on-screen instructions, connect the modem when instructed to do so and the rest should be taken care of by the AOL CD.

My install took six minutes from inserting the CD to being on-line. It took longer to undo the package that the equipment came in. :o(

  brambles 14:55 17 Oct 2003

My there are some clever people out there! I'm just a 73 year old enthusiast trying to assist someone who is struggling with their first PC.

Having uninstalled AOL Software I assume I could sign up with BTOpenworld and operate on a dial-up basis using the installed modem that would have come with the computer?


  [DELETED] 15:02 17 Oct 2003

Well yes, but your friend will be tied into a twelve month contract with AOL for the Broadband, that he will not be using.

AOL broadband is excellent, please don't be put off by a few negative comments to-wards AOL. I and many other forum users are with AOL broadband or dial-up and have no problems with the service. Regards. j.

  brambles 15:15 17 Oct 2003

Djohn - yes I must not overlook the fact the trial AOL period has entered. I've installed loads of BT to help different people. I think with all the guidance here I will be able to sort it. Brambles

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