AOL broadband. why does it dial?

  hugh-265156 17:52 15 Aug 2004

Hi folks. i have been trying to help out a friend who is new to computers sort a few problems they had been having. between us we have got it almost sorted out but there is one thing they asked me regarding AOL broadband 9 and i dont know the answer as i use ntl bb myself so i hope you can advise please.

using ntl bb myself, as soon as i fire up the computer and get to my desktop, with ntl all i have to do is click any browser shortcut icon and away i go. if i want to update my AV for example i dont need to open a browser first, i am always connected.

my friend must always click the AOL icon on thier desktop and then wait for 10-15 seconds while it says 'dialing dsl modem' 'talking to aol' 'checking password' etc before they can browse. if they want to, for example update adaware or avg or any software they have, they must go through the whole routine of logging into aol before they can update anything. surely thats not right is it? they also have to 'log out' when closing the aol browser.

i have had a look at the computer myself (toshiba laptop running xp home sp2 and AOL 9 silver) and as far as i can tell its all set up correctly and they get good speeds for thier connection. i have advised them to use internet explorer but this also means first logging into aol and then minimize it to the taskbar just as you would with dial up.

can anybody offer some advice please? getting rid of aol is unfortunatly not an option here. thank you.

  CurlyWhirly 19:01 15 Aug 2004

I am on AOL Broadband and what you describe is normal as even though broadband is an 'always on connection' you still need to log on to AOL in order to connect to the broadband service!
Logging on takes around 5-10 seconds on my PC.

As you say that you are on NTL broadband and this is a cable connection do you have to log on when you want to go online?
I don't know as I have never used Cable as we don't have it in our area.

  hugh-265156 19:06 15 Aug 2004

hi CurlyWhirly thanks for the reply. no i was just using my ntl connection as an example. i dont need to 'log on' its my friend that uses aol and must do this.

i found this click here if they were to set internet explorer as the default browser would they then get around the log on routine?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 15 Aug 2004

A DSL broad band is connected by phoneline direct to the ISP (AOL Wanadoo BT etc)and is not always active therefore when you first click on it dials up (usually 0)and connects.

NTL cable is truely always on and always connected even when your PC is switched off.

  Djohn 19:09 15 Aug 2004

Unfortunately this is the way with AOL. You have to log on to them first if your using the software provided. Once logged on, you can stay on for as long as you like but the AOL desktop will always be on show while connected unless you minimise it to the taskbar. Logging out of AOL will also break your connection to the internet, even with broadband.

There are a couple of ways round this. One is to log in and stay connected but with the AOL desktop minimised to taskbar, use IE for all your browsing, then close IE as you would with any other provider but remember to leave AOL open on the taskbar.

The second way, and probably the better of the two is to remove AOL software from the PC [Unless it is specifically required by the user] then make a new connection to AOL without installing the software package.

Use only the modem drivers from the install CD, using the "Username" and "Password" to make a connection. This will place an AOL modem Icon on the desktop that you click on to make the connection.

You will see the connection made and the 2 PC Icons in the notification area, or it may be 2 arrows with the AOL modem. You are now connected to the internet through broadband and can stay connected for as long as you wish. Use the IE Icon to bring up a browser window or any browser of your choice, also use Explorer or again any e-mail application of choice.

The broadband connection will remain live after closing down any/all browsers and will only be broken when you right click the Icon in the notification area or turn off the PC. Making the connection again is just a simple matter of clicking on the AOL modem Icon on the desktop then choosing a browser. I think that you can also add the broadband connection to the start-up folder so that everytime you boot the PC it will auto log on. j.

  Djohn 19:12 15 Aug 2004

I keep confusing my Explorer with my Express, Where I say use Explorer for e-mail in my post above I do of course mean Express. :o(

  hugh-265156 19:14 15 Aug 2004

thank you all.

Djohn that sounds just the ticket. will pass this on.

  Djohn 19:20 15 Aug 2004

ADSL is also an "Always on connection" just the same as cable depending on the way it is setup. True enough when using a USB modem then you will break the connection on closing down your PC or by clicking on the modem Icon and disconnecting by choice, for example to install a new program or update an application.

If you use a router for your connection then the connection is always live even though you may have turned off your PC. Just the same as cable, if you want to disconnect for any reason then you would turn off or pull the plug on the router as you would with the cable box.

  Graham ® 19:41 15 Aug 2004

Also bear in mind the modem will take something like 10 seconds to synch before any connection can even start.

  hugh-265156 00:16 16 Aug 2004

many thanks again folks for all the help. really appreciate it.

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