aol broadband speed

  bert52a 21:03 14 Sep 2005

In the last few weeks aol has frequently been very slow.I'm fed up of waiting for live helpand I'm not paying for the helpline-aol used to be free that's why I chose them.
I've got silver which is supposed to be 512kbps.Has anyone else had a similar problem?

  LAPTOPBABE 21:35 14 Sep 2005

We have aol gold and we think it has gone slow too. What is going on?

  Jackcoms 21:37 14 Sep 2005

Try click here to test your speed.

Or ditch AOL and switch to a proper ISP. :-)

  flyingbrit 02:24 15 Sep 2005

yea i've noticed my con has slowed up.i have aol gold, used to be 512 now been upgraded to 1 meg. and yea one of the reasons i got aol was because of the free helpline, and the online live help is a waste of space!!

  stlucia 13:02 15 Sep 2005

I've noticed AOL slow to load up after I've logged on, and slow to shut down after I've clicked on shutdown. I've put that down to the amount of junk they've got to load onto their "home" screen.

Once I'm connected I've noticed no reduction in speed, using Firefox for browsing, or AOL for email.

  Tenacious Green 13:49 15 Sep 2005

Exactly the same as Stlucia, no slow down in browsing speed, but load up time considerably longer than it used to be.

  bert52a 16:32 15 Sep 2005

i tested my speed as suggested by jackcom and it shows up at the right speed but on lots of occasions whenI use Napster it ells me it can't contact the server or some other download error.I'm sure it's the aol speed and not the napster software or my computer becauase sometimes it works fine,

  Diemmess 17:20 15 Sep 2005

Using Aol-BB-Silver exclusively. Have just downgraded from Gold but for my purposes is fine.

Jackcoms link shows speed close to maximum, and this is borne out when downloading software it usually settles to about 62K

Latest version takes about 30 seconds for first online of the session. Return without a reboot is much quicker than that.

  Cesar 09:32 17 Sep 2005

I am on AOL gold and I find the whole logging process has slowed down.

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