bigdan676 00:58 27 May 2006

hi could someone tell me if i can share my broadband connection with aol silver.
i will have a network connection between my two pcs by a network cable RJ45.

thank you

  LEH 15:09 27 May 2006

but wish I didn't, when it runs out in 6 months I'm going to change to a deal like talk talk are doing for phone and internet which is much cheaper I think. Slowly now I am transferring all my e-mail details with companies to my hotmail or business account

On Platinum I can share the connection with my other computer but cannot be logged in with the same AOL screen name on both. I think I tried creating a seperate screen name on my AOL account way back when for my girlfriend to use my other computer, but this didn't work as we couldn't be both logged in. She did happen to have her own AOL account which was dial-up and she could be a guest on my connection and enjoy broadband, but the idea was that we wanted her to be able to stop paying so didn't work. Once I have an AOL connection she can use Internet Explorer on the other computer though, which is fine.

I am not sure on Silver if it is any different. Sorry I am trying to help but probably not helping too much and am no techno-whizz!

  ashdav 17:05 27 May 2006

get a modem router and don't use AOLs software.
You can then use as many computers as you like on the same connection.

  wobblymike 08:19 28 May 2006

concur totally with ashdav above - much the best way

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