AOL Broadband running really slow!

  Kelz 22:05 05 Mar 2005

Hello, my mate has just subscribed to AOL Broadband 1 meg and it takes about 40 mins to download a music track and quite a while to even open a webpage.

I told him to use the on-line broadband test site that is recommended in this helproom and the result was just under 150 kpbs download.

AOL say that he should take off all his firewall and anti-virus software and try it again but that doesnt sound like very good advice to me!

Any help appreciated.

  dogbreath1 22:10 05 Mar 2005

Hi. Check out your BB speed using click here

  George Smiley 14:25 08 Mar 2005

Thanks dogbreath1. i've just signed up with AOL and it DOES seem slow for a 1meg connection. I seemed to have a much faster connection at my old place with a 512kps Blueyonder connection.

Will try the test a few times and if crummy will put this to AOL.

George S

  mattyc_92 14:52 08 Mar 2005

The servers you may be accessing may be expierencing problems.... I am on 512kb BB from AOL (they are upgrading my connection in June for NOTHING as I have been on AOL for the last year and abit and they have droped the BB speed that is slower than mine, to make room for the 2meg BB...)

Anyways, I haven't expierenced this problem.... I do get slow web-browsing from time to time, but that may be the website's server (as I said above) that may be the problem....

  George Smiley 13:34 09 Mar 2005

BB speed checker showed a 90% flow last night for AOL. Will try it a few times.

Not convinced its purely rusty servers at websites all the time. Ever some of AOL's pages are slow to load.

Gonna keep monitoring my AOL performance in the next few weeks.

  CurlyWhirly 19:34 09 Mar 2005

Have you tried AOL computer check-up?
It also has a utility to fix Browser problems.
AOL keyword: Computer checkup

  Dorsai 19:58 09 Mar 2005

As they always say with BB, it's "speeds up to"....

Most BB customers share a 'digital line' (local loop) with other BB customers at the BT exchange (can be as many as 50). This line has a top speed that works out at about 150kbps per customer, if all customers are downloading at the same time. Perhaps you mate is unlucky, and is sharing his local loop with loads of heavy downloaders.

It's called 'contention.' click here

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