aol broadband re-installation

  letni 01:49 20 Jun 2004

Had a computer to look at recently which had been running aol b/b until unknown problems ended b/b setup. Tried running aol setup as per instuctions after uninstalling existing failed installation but aol software could never find the modem. tried various ways to install b/b including installing modem separately but to no avail. Had to eventually put new windows installation in place in order to re-connect b/b.

The machine now takes about four times as long to start Windows, possibly at the modem driver loading stage, and is a dog to load fresh software onto for example, Office.

This seems like an over the top way to cure what should have been a simple problem/solution. The only reason I could think of for the unsuccessful re-installation was that the aol uninstall routine left litter in the registry which conflicted with new installation. The machine is running Win98 SE AOL 9 and a couple of everyday applications. Needless to say AOL were less than helpful, but very pleasant.

Has anyone any ideas? Thanks.

  Cesar 10:20 21 Jun 2004

Have you run the Check-Up in AOL 9.0, this gives you a report on problems and offers to fix it.

  letni 21:30 22 Jun 2004

Thanks Cesar, not being an aol user I don't know what tools are available. If it happens again I'll give that a go

Like the originator of this thread, my AOL BB BT Voyager 50 Modem driver 'crashed' today (not for the first time). In the past I have re-installed suceesfully from the CD ROM - not today - the anticipated prompt to re-connect the modem didn't come up. Windows also couldn't install the drivers via 'add new hardware'. Lengthy phone call to AOL was not conclusive. Finally AOL Tech Support recommended downloading latest driver from AOL. This I have done but before attempting the re-install has anybody out there done this sucessfully ? If so what process should be followed and are there any traps ? I am running AOL 8.0 on Windows ME.

  Shas 08:36 30 Jun 2004

Have AOL9 bb, BT Voyager 100 modem, using Win 98se. Had to download the latest modem drivers and re-install when I first went over to bb. Somewhere in AOL Help are the instructions what to do if you are having disconnection problems and that runs you through the uninstall/reinstall of the software, removing and reinstalling DUN and then downloading, uninstalling and reinstalling the latest modem drivers. Found no problems at all. (If you can't find the instructions in Help, you are welcome to email me and I'll email them to you.)

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