BWFCHORWICH 10:47 13 Jan 2005

This is not for me, i wouldnt touch AOL with a big barge pole. Afriend of mine has just ordered AOL BB. He phoned me up over xmas and i went and set it up. It was working for about 3 days then all of a sudden- nothing. Mates missus phoned AOL and they got her changing this and that on the PC. I've now spent 6 hours trying to get them on line and still no joy.
When you boot up the pc, the little green arrows that are normally in the tray (nr clock) are not there (they are on my sisters BB connection through BT). When i do get the arrows up (through programes) they are not both green like i understand they should be.
computer os is wxp sp2. modem is bt voyager 105. ive already done a system restore to earliest point.

Its really doing my head in, im would say that i am ok with pc after having mine for 5yrs+, designing websites, setting up other connections.

Does anyone on here have aol bb? there might be a few questions you may be able to answer.

Thanks in advance

Internet has been down for over a week.

  Shas 11:58 13 Jan 2005

I had mine configured at one time for no arrows in the tray and it worked OK so I don’t think you have to have them visible, but are the lights on the modem itself on?

Have you tried an uninstall and reinstall of the AOL BB software and modem?

Are you able to get anywhere at all with logging on? If you can get online long enough, try the Computer CheckUp (through the ‘Safety’ drop down) – it goes through its paces on its own altering various settings. I think there's a broadband check up there as well.

If you can post back with any error messages you are getting we might be able to find the solution in AOL help.

  Graham ® 12:06 13 Jan 2005

Unplug all other USB devices. It may be a power problem.

  The Sack 12:06 13 Jan 2005

Dont install the AOL software, just install the drivers and put the screenname and password in the relevant boxes and the jobs a good one. for email click here

As for not wanting to touch AOL with a big barge pole all i can say is your loss mate. Good value, no silly software anymore if you dont want and no limits.

  jerichobob 12:10 13 Jan 2005

You may have a faulty modem or DSL splitter. Is there any way you can swap it out with one that you know is working. I agree with Shas for the rest.
I can't really see it being a power issue - but it's certainly worth a try as it could be the easiest to do.
Check all telephone line connections to see if one has been disturbed or unplugged inadvertently.

  stlucia 12:26 13 Jan 2005

As Shas says, you don't have to show the arrows on your screen -- the real check is the lights on the front of the modem. There should be 2 lit if it's running okay, and the third one will flash when data is passed.

My AOL supplied modem has never been reliable under Win XP, so I use it under Win 98SE (dual-boot, so exactly the same USB hub, and other hardware) and have had 100% reliability with the originally supplied drivers. The only problem I has was when AOL automatically downloaded and installed an updated modem driver recently -- it wouldn't work at all then, and I had to reinstall the original driver.

  Praxis99 12:40 13 Jan 2005

What colour are the arrows? since red indicates there is a connection problem (or modem is unplugged), Yellow is sometimes seen (with mine when resuming from standby and sometimes at startup) the modem stating it is 'training' which by that I think it means synching its connection and finally green.

The modem also has its own diagnostic function which might be worth running.

Finally since it did work at the start I'd be inclined to re-install the original modem drivers exactly as per AOL instructions on the supplied CD ROM. If you want to test the DSL splitters you should find another 2 in your friends AOL broadband Box.

  Graham ® 12:56 13 Jan 2005

You are not the first to slag off AOL, chances are you've never used it.

You are just alienating the very people who can help.

  Noelg23 12:59 13 Jan 2005

flaming AOL...if I were you I would just simply cancel AOL and try someone else...go to click here

  LANDCRUISER 13:01 13 Jan 2005

I installed aol broadband before xmas, i just put the disc in & did what they tell you to do no problems at all,do not try to rush the instalation follow what they tell you to do & all should be well, if i can do it you should have no problems,start from the begining & take your time.

  BWFCHORWICH 14:05 13 Jan 2005

both lights are on, on the modem. i have used aol myself for 2 years before transfering to ntl. i dont like the way their software takes over your computer.

anyone know how i get rid of aol (software and drivers) from pc and try again? (system restore not working)

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