aol broadband (no dial tone tone on phone)

  BRISK 08:54 19 Oct 2003

My aol as been working fine,but all of a sudden the telephone downstairs as stoped working.The telephones work through the filters.But when I go online with aol the phone goes dead.
Bt suggested that the line may be looping.But they will charge £100 to look at it.
Aol said uninstall the modem software & reinstall it,but why it wasw working fine before.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

  Morpheus© 09:30 19 Oct 2003

first, have you just unplugged the modem then rebooted, then just plugged it back will then reload the drivers...

  WaiKent 09:49 19 Oct 2003

the phones arent connected to the modem or internet. so i dont think that would be causing them. unless you have ADSL. the phones may be dead culd be something wrong with the wiring.

  graham√ 11:45 19 Oct 2003

Is it just the one phone with no dial tone? And it only has no dial tone when you log on to AOL?

  graham√ 11:56 19 Oct 2003

By Email - 'Yes the one phone downstairs is dead whilst online with aol broardband'

BRISK, It's better to use the 'Add response' facility so everyone can see.

Try another phone in the same socket.

  BRISK 12:01 19 Oct 2003

I`ve tried a different phone and no joy.

  graham√ 12:08 19 Oct 2003

OK, describe the route of your phone sockets, eg. Master Socket with one filter and one phone, extension in front room with one filter and one phone, extension upstairs with one filter, one modem and one phone.

  BRISK 12:19 19 Oct 2003

the first one is wright.The second there is another extension in the front room but there is no phone and hasn`t been one on there for ages.
the third there is a 10 metre extension lead from the bt extension box located upstairs.After the extension lead there is a filter and then the small lead to p.c & b.t voyager is connected.

  graham√ 12:31 19 Oct 2003

So it's the phone in the Master socket that has no dial tone, and it's the only phone in the house?

  BRISK 12:34 19 Oct 2003

Yes m8

  graham√ 12:46 19 Oct 2003

OK, then it's pretty certain there is a fault in the exchange. Report the fault on 151, option 1, then option 2.

BT will not charge you £100! If it was a line fault, Broadband wouldn't work.

Suggest they test the line whilst you are logged on, then ring you back in a few minutes when you've logged off.

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