AOL Broadband, LAN etc

  BlackSapphire 10:28 02 Aug 2004

Has anyone got AOL Broadband Silver? if so, are you using it with more than one phone? I have my computer upstairs, the phoneline is an extension from the main phone. Initial use was fine, but over the last few weeks I kept getting beeps on the phone itself and when I picked it up it was like the old fashioned fax noise and roaring static - now over the weekend this has started happening on the outgoing calls too. BT have tested the line and say its fine, yet on screen I regularly get a message saying LAN 4 - a local network cable is unplugged and the arrows go to brown instead of green - but nothing is unplugged and then the green arrows come back on again - what is happening, does anyone know?? - in the words of Mr Spock it is not logical! I can usually track down the problem but when you can't see where it is - you can't, it's driving me mad.

Thanks in adnvance.

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