AOL Broadband installation problems

  Yo Sammady Sam 01:11 30 Aug 2003

My brother is trying to install AOL broadband via a bt voyager 100 external usb modem. However, when he tries to install the software he gets an error message with something about the driver (I will have to get him to email me the whole error message before you ask what it says exactly). He has windows 98SE. Does anyone know of any problems installing AOL that could help??
I am actually with Freeserve broadband so I do not know anything about AOL.

  Djohn 01:40 30 Aug 2003

Morning Yo, Installing the software for AOL is very straightforward, but must be done exactly as in the 8 steps included in the kit.

It sounds as though he has either connected the Modem before the software, or has not used the filters correctly. If he needs any help, I will talk him through any concerns he has. There are several of us that use AOL broadband, should be able to set it up and running in about 6 minutes, if done as per the kit instructions. j.

  Yo Sammady Sam 01:55 30 Aug 2003

Thanks Djohn. I shall tell him your advice from above and if that doesnt work then I shall tell him to contact you if thats ok? I have told him about connecting the modem before installation was wrong but I wasnt there when he did it the first time. I shall return later on today with the latest. Thanks.

  Djohn 02:00 30 Aug 2003

No problem, we will most likely need to remove the modem software and AOL and start again. Best to find out exactly which way he did it first, then I or one of several others will help where we can.

If there are no hardware problems, shouldn't take long at all. j.

  holly polly 07:24 30 Aug 2003

g'day folks i myself am an aol user and i agree with the posting djohn made ,connect modem via black cable to to the master phone socket via the filter on no account plug the blue usb lead in until prompted to do so ,follow the instructions on the instalation cd and you should have no probs hope to be of help -post back if you have any more probs ,you will proberly have to uninstall aol and the modem and start agin ,incidentley is aol broadband pack still bundled with aol 7 if so ,if you want the latest version aol 8 you can either download ,or the easier way walk into any of thhe large supermarkets ,adsa etc and pick up a free copy cd -cheers hol pol...

  Yo Sammady Sam 08:59 30 Aug 2003

Hi again.
Got the error message from him this morning as follows: "Can't get registry value: key=Software\GlobespanVirata\Adsl value=driverTypr OK"
He has tried contacting AOL who have passed the buck to his PC manufacturer and is waiting for a reply from them. Any ideas?

  Djohn 16:04 30 Aug 2003

Not sure about the message at all! Can't find any info on it. Still think that the best way will be to go into control panel, then add/remove programs, highlight the modem and remove, then do the same for AOL software, disconnect the modem from PC. Re-boot the PC and start again.

Insert the CD and follow the steps on-screen, this will install the modem software, inform you when to connect the modem to the PC, then will carry on to do a fresh install of AOL software. At the end of installation it will automatically connect to ISP and pick up all settings/favourites/e-mails from previous install.

Please post back if you need more help, one of the forum members will have the answer somewhere. Good luck. j.

  Yo Sammady Sam 10:03 31 Aug 2003

Thanks again. Ive passed on the message and I think he will try again later today. Ill keep the thread open until he is successfull. Stay tuned for the update.

  Yo Sammady Sam 09:26 01 Sep 2003

OK, he tried removing everything to do with AOL and the modem and tried again.. no luck. He then tried installing the modem separately by connecting it to the pc and installing the drivers when asked. He then went back to install the software only on the AOL CD and worked fine. He is now up and running on broadband and very happy. Don't understand why the cd would not work to do the whole installation. Also worth noting that he phoned AOL, waited for 30 minutes before giving up, emailed them and got the reply that he had to contact his computers manufacturer. Hes still waiting for a reply. Thanks for all your help.

  Djohn 11:49 01 Sep 2003

Good news, pleased to hear all is now well. j.

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