AOL broadband: hangs at step 1

  Marvin Grunt 14:21 25 Sep 2006

For many months I have had the problem that when logging on to AOL, it hangs at "Step 1: Initialising DSL Modem". I then have to cancel and try again several times, and sometimes I have to close AOL, reopen and try again. It eventually works. I have tried EVERY single tip contained in the relevant AOL helpfile, I have had several totally unproductive livehelp sessions, and nothing works permanently - the problem always returns. I have XP home SP2, AOL9, and a BT Voyager 105 modem. A friend of mine has been having exactly the same problem. Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to fix it for good, PLEASE?

  rdave13 14:35 25 Sep 2006

Go offline and reboot. Start> control panel> add/remove. Scroll to AOL connectivity service and click change/remove and click on repair Acs. Reboot again. Also go to start> all programs> aol (in the list) AOL system information> click utilities tab> clear browser cashe> rebuild AOL adapter.

Online go to keyword and print "one click fixes" and download. A list of handy fixes there.

  Marvin Grunt 14:38 25 Sep 2006

Thanks Rdave13, I'll give it a go and get back.

  Marvin Grunt 14:55 25 Sep 2006

I have tried the above and it seems to be ok for now, I just hope it stays that way. Thanks.

  Marvin Grunt 16:32 25 Sep 2006

Well, I suppose it was too good to be true! The problem has returned.

  jessej 16:48 25 Sep 2006

The same thing was happening a lot with me, not quite so bad now but don't know why. I had to go back to the sign on page, count to ten then click sign on and it usually worked.
I posted the problem on the AOL message boards, the only advice I got, for what its worth, is to dump the modem in favour of a router, but that, of course, costs money, around £80 for a Netgear DG834G.

  Diemmess 17:05 25 Sep 2006

I'm another who finds the whole thing stable once signed on!
It seems most likely to stall if it is not the first application loaded.

Being a mite impatient, if I feel it is in one of those sulky moods, at the sign on screen I choose the left button (setup or edit location? can't remember but that one anyway)
Next window I choose "Expert setup" and edit location.
I select "Delete location" receive a warning about doing this and press OK!
The location panel is now empty, so I "add a location."
Type in exactly what was there before or whatever, and select Next.
Then there's a box about reconnection which I tick and Next again. Finally "sign on to Aol" and it runs as sweet as pie ... 'til the next time it wants to play its face!

It is a fast workaround but it seems we sufferers are not alone, and Aol are no help with intermittent faults.

  Marvin Grunt 17:14 25 Sep 2006

Yes, I would agree with you, Diemmess, although it always works the first time I use it after booting up, even if I've used, say, Word first. It is on subsequent sign-ons that it generally goes pear-shaped. But surely there must be a REASON for all this. Surely we aren't supposed to put up with repeated workarounds. Or am I just naive?

  rdave13 17:25 25 Sep 2006

Just another suggestion. Disconnect modem from the usb socket and wait for the "ding dong" sound. Around 10 to 15 seconds. Reconnect to a different usb.

  Marvin Grunt 17:56 25 Sep 2006

I just tried Rdave13's suggestion, but it still hanged (hung?).

  wolfie3000 18:31 25 Sep 2006

I too get this problem sometimes,
I usually disconnect then try again and it mostly works.

Sorry i cant be of any help but just wanted to say your not alone with this problem.

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