AOL Broadband with free Router

  amyjen7 18:46 02 Oct 2006

I have just installed AOL broadband and the free router supplied-Netgear DG834G. I had hoped to tap into it from my PC in the den at the bottom of my garden which is approx 60' from the house. I purchased a WPN111 Netgear Range Max Wireless USB2 Adapter but unfortunatly the signal was week and would not tune in. Can you recommend and alternatve which may work. I run Windows XP Home Edition

Thank you

  Ashrich 22:35 02 Oct 2006

60 odd feet of Cat5 cable would be best , make sure it's well shielded and in a tough conduit and run around the edge of the garden away from mowers and feet . Sorry if it sounds like I'm being funny but that really would be the best and most reliable way to do it and probably cheaper as well .


  goonerbill © ® 23:30 02 Oct 2006

depending on where the wireless router is placed (number of walls between pc and router) will affect the signal strength. best to place router in the best position for direct line of site to shed and i would invest in a better aerial for the router (aerials that come with many routers only have an output of 0-2dBi max), invest in one that has an output from 7 to 9 dBi this should improve signal strength (personal setup is dg834gt with 9dBi aerial, maybe overkill for home use but then again dont get anything less than 80% signal strength anywhere in the house 15mtr (45ft+) from router). would also get either a usb hub or usb extention cable and have the WPN111 above the pc, not behind it as this can affect the signal as well.

other option would be to buy a hose and run a cable through that to your shed and connect via LAN but that defeats having a wireless router.

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