AOL Broadband + Dial up

  keewaa 10:13 12 Apr 2006

A friend has just moved to aol broadband from dial up, but still want to be able to use dial up when away for weekends.

The Broadband is now installed and working on the laptop.

Is it easy to re-add the dial up connection so they can plug in the dial up modem and use dial up, when they are away from home (away from the broadband).

I'm thinking it's in "add new location", but wanted to check first if a) if it's possible and b) if it's easy to do and how.


  phil46 10:52 12 Apr 2006

Yes you can have dial up and broadband on AOL but you will have to open a dial up account as well,if your only going to use dial up when your away from home choose another ISP that run pay as you go.

  keewaa 11:40 12 Apr 2006

Do they not get use of AOL free dialup numbers since they are registered with AOL for broadband, and if not, can they not just use AOL pay as you go since it would be easier for them.

  stlucia 12:41 12 Apr 2006

When I was having BB modem driver problems with AOL, they told me they could "temporarily" give me permission to access via dial-up so I could download driver updates.

From that I infer that (a) you can't normally use dial-up if you've switched to BB and (b) they can physically enable dial-up access if you ask them (and pay??). Have you asked? It may cost very little if you're a good customer ... and threaten to move elsewhere!

  realist 16:44 12 Apr 2006

With AOL you can EITHER subscribe to BB with unlimited use of dial-up by paying more (typically £10 a month extra on Silver BB) OR you can use pay-as-you-go dial-up on a normal BB subscription but incur call charges.

  keewaa 23:26 12 Apr 2006

Ok Thanks, so its 0845 / 0844 numbers then.

  ade.h 23:42 12 Apr 2006

I've just been scouring through my postings looking for a thread in ABs in which somebody gave a link for a totally free dial-up ISP that uses an 0800 number and no other charges.

But I can't find it!

It's likely to be one of these I think: click here

  Stuartli 23:48 12 Apr 2006

Totally free?

How would the ISP make any money (apart from some form of advertising)?

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