AOL Broadband cuts off when phone is in use.

  RWB 16:04 16 Feb 2006

I am using AOl Broad band with a BT Voyager 105 modem. Recently there has been a lot of static on the phone line (BT line they say there i s no problem on the line) and the internet connection is lost when the phone (cordless) is switched on for use.
Occasionally we have been unable to get on to the internet at all with a message saying no available connection. Any help would be much appreciated! thanks

  flyingbrit 16:16 16 Feb 2006

This sounds like a problem with the modem drivers. Have you uninstalled and re-installed them? if not I sugest you try it. Just put in your AOL disc and if it auto-starts close it down and go into explore disc, you will see in the drivers folder the Doctor file with BT icon, run this to uninstall the modem, then re-install the driver from the disc....hope this helps. britsdad

  flyingbrit 16:19 16 Feb 2006

by the way, is this a recent problem (ie. have you been able to connect ok before) or it a problem with a new connection?

  RWB 16:22 16 Feb 2006

Yes, it has been over the last week prior to that there weren't any problems. My husband has taken AOl off and then reinstalled it, several times but to no avail.

  Angry Kid 21:12 16 Feb 2006


I suffered like you are,and it turned out that the filters had got put back in the wrong position after a move aroud while decorating. It might be worth a try.

Good Luck

Angry ;)

  CHAIRLEG 01:09 17 Feb 2006
  Graham ® 09:14 17 Feb 2006

The cordless phone (Dect?) may be causing interference, which would cause those symptoms. Try a corded phone to test.

  rdave13 10:28 17 Feb 2006

I'm on AOL and had exactly your problem. It turned out that one of the filters was breaking down. Didn't realise that these filters could breakdown gradually.

Anyway found the bad filter through trial and error and replaced. The problem solved.

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