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  ziggy95 01:25 30 Sep 2006

OK as it was late I popped into PC World tonight with the aim of getting an AOL Broadband in a box home network kit for my small retail business.

The assistant said that they only do wired routers so I purchased a NETGEAR
WIRELESS 54MBPS MODEM ROUTER & USB ADAPTER as recommended by him plus another usb adapter.

Basically I want to run a pc downstairs for the business to web-surf, check emails etc, and have 2 pc's upstairs for the kids to surf the web when they're at the shop.

When I phoned AOL they said they provise a free wireless router a Netgear DG834G - 4 port 54Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem Router

Should I take back the 1st one to PC World for a refund or is it a much better model than the AOL provided one, and if so what is the difference.



  ade.h 12:44 30 Sep 2006

I'm not a fan of Netgear, to be honest, but each to their own. Good luck with setting up AOL on a router, though.

  FUl2tiV3 15:06 30 Sep 2006

"...said that they only do wired routers so I purchased a NETGEAR

um, a bit confused
he sold you a wireless router, despite saying they don't do them!
anyways, what he sold you will do the job
the one he sold you looks like an updated version of the dg834g
more or less the same

am i correct in understanding you are not currently an aol customer?
as aol said they will offer you the router free when you sign up click here

however i don't think the aol router comes with usb wireless adapters
so you would need to buy 2 wireless cards/usb adapters like wg311ge or wg111ge which are approx £20 each if you order them as 'collect at store' from pc world. assuming you paid £70 collect at store, or £90 shop price you would save £30-50
i would take it back!

  ziggy95 09:39 01 Oct 2006

Thx for the replies.

Ok to clarify, I've got a wired network at home, via AOL and a Netgear router so when looking for a small system for my shop wanted to keep with AOL/Netgear.

In PC World they do "broadband in a box" which basically is the router and AOL software for £30 and you get 2 months free to make up for the up front fee (as the router is free). It means you can set up in advance of your line being upgraded to broadband instead of waiting for the router from AOL.

The sales guy said the only routers in a box were wired one's, which is why he recommended teh unit I purchased which came with 1 usb adapter. I also purchased another which I needed.

It was only later when we phoned AOL to order the broadband that they said they supply a free wireless router that the question arose, which is basically should I take back the router I purchased from PC World or is it a better model than the one AOL are sending and I should keep it ?



  ade.h 11:35 01 Oct 2006

I've already given my opinion of Netgear - that there are better choices - and I would not expect this updated model to be substantially improved or different. A bit basic and merely adequate.

  FUl2tiV3 12:06 01 Oct 2006

the specs look very similar
if aol are sending you a router anyway
i'd try taking it back
and getting the relevant wireless cards
just my opinion, but it saves money
and well that's important to me!

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