AOL Broadband

  daeburndave 17:40 24 Jun 2005

I have a query in respect of the above: I am on the AOL Platinum Broadband service and paying £29.99 pm: It appears that I should be geeting up to 2Mbps but I am curious as to how I can check this: my taskbar shows ' local connection 3 speed 1.1Mpbs '. At £29.99 pm this is not 'cheap' Broadband if the speed is... to coin a phrase not up to speed! Perhaps you boffs out there could put my mind at rest as there appear to be other providers out there allegedly providing 2Mbps for a lot less money.

  VoG II 17:45 24 Jun 2005

Measure your speed click here

  LancsLad52 17:54 24 Jun 2005

This site works ok as I have done a speed test on it myself click here

  daeburndave 18:07 24 Jun 2005

Tks guys for the 2 check sites: tried out both with interesting results: the site suggested by LancsLad52 tells me that my current bandwidth is 880.00 kbps: this is presumably a long way off 'up to 2 Mbps' so is it still worth paying nearly 30 quid pm? Who will know?

  CurlyWhirly 00:16 25 Jun 2005

I use click here and your 880 kb speed is indicative of a 1mb connection like mine but a bit slower as I normally get around 945 kb.

The reason why you HAVEN'T been upgraded yet could be because you live too far from the exchange to get the 2mb service (like me)

Why not type your telephone number and postcode into click here and see what sort of speed you can get on your line.

  daeburndave 16:06 25 Jun 2005

CurlyWhirley thks for your comments: connected to the sites you recommended and find that my actual downstream speed is 929KB/sec and that apparently at my particular exchange I CANNOT receive 2 Mbps ADSL. It would therefore appear that I am wasting £5.00 per month with AOL as a Platinum customer trying for this top speed. I shall therefore speak with AOL in due course. Thks for everyones help on this subject.

  daeburndave 12:36 26 Jun 2005

Thks to those who responded I have had a result from AOL. a reduction in monthly cost and a small refund basically because I was paying for an upgrade that I could positively not get from my local exchange. So thks to all and the cheque is in the post.

  mattyc_92 12:44 26 Jun 2005

I hope you realise that your 12 month contract has been rest?? That's AOL for you....

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