AOL Broadband

  chriscross72 22:10 08 Jun 2004

I have ordered AOL broadband for my home use.....My BT master socket is in the dining room whereas my pc is in the upstairs spare bedroom. I use the internet via an extension plugged into the master socket as does my partners laptop on another socket extension into the lounge. Will I be able to use broadband like this ie. extension leads from the moden to where each computer is used or will I need 2 ADSL modems or what...I believe the AOL broadband silver package I have ordered does not support home networking
Hope this makes sense
Thank you : ))

  ton 23:02 08 Jun 2004

The modem is USB so will need to be plugged into the PC in use. Just plug the phone extension lead into the modem.

'AOL don't support networking', this just means they won't help you to set it up. You can still network if you want to.

  Djohn 01:24 09 Jun 2004

AOL do support networking but only with their own router, you can use any router you wish but will not receive any help from AOL on setting it up.

To answer Your question regarding the USB modem. Yes, you can use just the one modem and in a similar manner to what you are doing at the moment but with a difference.

The USB modem will be an external one and will need to be moved near to whichever PC requires it's use. The modem has 2 outlets on the rear, 1 for the line back to your phone socket and 1 USB outlet to the rear of the PC in use.

You will be better to have 2 USB leads, 1 in your PC and 1 in your wife's. The modem can then be disconnected from one PC, moved to the other and reconnected.

The second outlet on the rear of the modem is standard RJ11, just like the extension leads you are using at the moment.

The main phone socket in your home needs to have a filter plugged into it. [2 are supplied, others can be bought]. The filter will have 2 outlets, 1 for your phone line and 1 for your ADSL line. [Broadband].

The connections can now be done in several ways and will depend on how your extension sockets are wired. Are they just extension leads or are they wired in to sockets in the rooms?

If they are extension leads and you have 2 of them [Your PC and your wife's PC] then at the main phone socket join them both together with a double adaptor and plug into the ADSL side of the filter, the other ends will be at your PC and your wife's PC and plugged into the USB modem as required.

If the extensions are "hard" wired from the main phone socket to wall mounted sockets in each room then use shorter RJ11 leads [Modem leads] and plug these leads into the sockets as required but each socket will require a filter plugged into it and the Modem lead is plugged into the ADSL outlet of the filter. The other end of the lead is plugged into the modem. A phone can also be used from each of these filters as well if you wish.

Sounds complicated but is much easier to do than explain. You will also need to install the drivers and settings to each PC as you have at the moment so just run the setup CD on each machine.

Please post back if I've not explained it fully or if you think I or others can offer more assistance. j.

  Graham ® 10:11 09 Jun 2004

This may help click here

  Djohn 10:24 09 Jun 2004

Thanks Graham ®. Your link will help chriscross72 to grasp it with more ease.

Re-reading my posting this morning it seems more difficult than when I tried to explain it in the early hours of this morning. :o(

  Djohn 20:30 09 Jun 2004

Thank you very much for taking the time to explain in such detail. That was very helpful and has answered my question perfectly Thanks again : ))


Your very welcome and thank you for letting me know. j.

  Graham ® 20:33 09 Jun 2004

Another satisfied customer! :-)

  Djohn 20:46 09 Jun 2004

Yep! Nice isn't it when they say so. :o)

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