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  Shanks 16:15 12 Jan 2004

My parents both have an AOL account, they each have their own pc and up till now they each pay the £15 odd a month for unlimited access. This setup suits them and seemed the only way while they were limited to 56k dialup.

The local exchange has now been upgraded and they want to have adsl, is there a way they can have one adsl connection and yet still maintain their seperate aol accounts. It would appear that aol wants them each to sign up to adsl and pay £60 a month.


  gold 47 16:21 12 Jan 2004

You can only have one ADSL connection and one account per line.

  gold 47 16:28 12 Jan 2004

Sorry should have read one ADSL connection per line but you will need two broadband accounts.

  Djohn 16:33 12 Jan 2004

Shanks, Your post suggest your parents have two phone lines, is this correct?

AOL can be networked so that you have just the one account, but several PC's connected. This is not an easy thing to set up though and AOL will not offer advice on how to do it.

Their own [AOL] help forums are quite useful for this though and it's done with a proxy server. click here also the help forums at the ADSL guide give advice on this click here and go to the message forums.

I have been told that AOL are seriously thinking of supplying their own router sometime this year, and then you will definitely only need the one account as your parents will be able to network their PC's together.

  Shanks 16:39 12 Jan 2004

Thanks for the comments everyone. I should clarify... they have two phone lines, and each of them wants to keep their own separate AOL account.


  Djohn 16:59 12 Jan 2004

If they were to network at the moment using a proxy server, and use only one account they would both need to use the same username to log on as it is the main PC that is recognised by AOL. I understand this is not what they want.

If AOL do go ahead with their router plans then they will be able to network the 2 PC's together and keep their own usernames as if they were separate accounts. j.

  Shanks 17:09 12 Jan 2004

Thanks Djohn, you're right they have different accounts because they both receive considerable amounts of e-mail. The system works fine at the moment because they each log in separately and collect their own mail onto their own pc.

Merging the two accounts is not a option for them because mail would end up on the wrong pc.

I could network the two pcs, I haven't done so before because there has never been a need. It looks like it wouldn't solve this problem now either.

Sounds as if we will jst have to wait for AOL to decide and rollout their own router plans.


  Mysticnas 17:13 12 Jan 2004

is there any particular reason why they want seperate accounts?

How about getting a wireless router and ADSL modem, that way they can pay £15 each towards the one account, and have 512 BB!

Cheaper and makes more sense to me.

  Shanks 17:19 12 Jan 2004

One proposed solution would be to network the two pcs. Then one of them sign up for the AOL broadband, and the other give up on their AOL account and just use another web browser and outlook for mail.

This would work if AOL allowed users to send/receive email from other mail servers through their network. Some ISPs will allow this but more and more seem to be stopping it because of the implications for spam abuse. Does anyone know if this is posible with AOL?


  Djohn 17:22 12 Jan 2004

Mysticnas, as in my post above, it's difficult to network AOL, not impossible, but difficult. Also if done at the moment without AOL's Router. [If one is released] they would not be able to log on and be on-line at the same time. They would need to keep swapping "Usernames" to use the service.

  Shanks 17:26 12 Jan 2004

Hi Mysticnas

The need for two separate accounts stems from the fact that they each use a different PC and they each receive a large number of e-mails. If they have just one account the resulting mess created by having e-mail on the wrong pc just isn't worth considering.

Your solution would be fine if they weren't so tied up and reliant on the whole AOL portal way of internet use. The difficulty is that they are both in their 60's and have been used to AOL since they started on the internet back with Compuserve when they were around. Asking them to give that up and just use a web browser and a mail client is not easy.


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