AOL Broadband

  gold 47 18:42 25 Nov 2003

Just got AOL broadband works well no problem,as i have a second computer i thought of a wireless router checking with AOL on know can't be used with a wireless router can it be used with a wired router i asked never got a reply to that
on their tech chat line so is anyone out there using any kind of router for this ISP.
Can anyone tell me what Truvector is on WXP kept
getting this error i deleted the file error but still don't know what this is.

  [DELETED] 18:56 25 Nov 2003

click here This may help. j.

  [DELETED] 19:04 25 Nov 2003

TrueVector??? Basic Logging Client Writes alert text to a log file.
Required by Zone Alarm

TrueVector Internet Monitor Monitor, Monitors internet traffic and generates alerts for disallowed access.
Required by Zone Alarm

click here

  gold 47 19:48 25 Nov 2003

Very many thanks for your help.

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