aol broad band and xp

  mimo 22:21 19 Jun 2003

i have a packard bell pc running xp.
when i received my aol broad band kit they recommended installing xp service pack one,which i did.30 minutes later i was using the recovery disc.for some unknown reason my pc was acting very very slow.i created a restore point just in case,but the program took over 40 minutes to restore the pc ,and it was still the back to factory presets.has any body installed aol broadband with out the service pack or had similar problems.

  bpzoom 22:38 19 Jun 2003

Mimo. I upgraded to AOL broadband, and was one of those who fell foul of the April BT Voyager 100 modem fiasco. It was impossible to load broadband for two days. The fault lay with BT for delivering new broadband AOL customers with an non XP compatible modem without giving AOL the opportunity to tet it first.AOL downloaded a new modem driver for XP but on condition that everyone had XP plus the service pack 1. I loaded it as asked. I had not done so previously because of the scare stories surrounding it. Once the service pack was in AOL broadband worked OK and I upgraded to AOL8. I have no problems at all since then. Some XP users suffered from an XP update patch Q811493 which causes systems to slow down. If you have that update, then delete it. However Microsoft are supposed to have corrected it since. I have not noticed any correction, but then I never had the slow system anyway.Hope this helps.

  mimo 23:33 19 Jun 2003

hello bpzoom
thanks for the feedback,very interesting.iwill check to see if i have the update patch present.

  bpzoom 00:07 20 Jun 2003

Mimo, Whether it is relevant to you or not, I just read elsewhere that Microsoft updated Q811493 on 28th May 2003. The problem caused by the March download of Q811493 is said to be fixed. So do not delete the new version if you have it.

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