AOL blocking legitimate emails

  DieSse 20:39 28 Jul 2003

Has anyone come across any of their friends/family in Spain, with Wanadoo as an ISP, having their emails rejected quote "due to the high volume of spam from this ISP"

I had an email to -pops- returned - twice on seperate days, so no transient co-incidence. Plua I've had two other clients so far with the same problem.

This is totally outrageous - and there isn't even a link on their rejection message to complain about ths high-handed treatment.

Wanadoo (who own Freeserve) are probably the largest ISP in Europe!

Can any AOL users tackle them about this please.

  Djohn 20:43 28 Jul 2003

I'm willing to give AOL a call, but not quite sure as to what you want me to ask them! j.

  3tg 20:54 28 Jul 2003

I am having the same trouble with my emails to Hawaii and Cyprus via Bt.They are being returned. I have posted for help here but I haven't got very far. My English ones are ok.

  DieSse 20:57 28 Jul 2003

They are blocking all emails from Wanadoo in Spain - many people use Wanadoo (Freeserve in the UK) to keep in touch, and all their emails(and mine - I use them too) are being rejected.

Please ask them to stop doing so.

  3tg 20:58 28 Jul 2003

the exact words are " Due to spam your IP range has been blocked (code bl-2254) Contact postmaster for details. How does one contact the postmaster???. CHeers

  Diemmess 21:00 28 Jul 2003

Like Djohn,..... can you say how Aol fits into the problem?

  DieSse 21:01 28 Jul 2003

Which ISP are these emails to?

  DieSse 21:02 28 Jul 2003

The title says it all

  Djohn 21:05 28 Jul 2003

Ok loggig off now to give them a call.Meanwhile I have sent you my address, so you can try a test e-mail to me. Regards. j.

  3tg 21:05 28 Jul 2003

To a hotel chain in Hawaii,, my friend works there and I cannot get an eamil to her, I have suceeded through Hotmail. My friend in Cyprus telephoned me to say she has her mail to me returned. Cheers

  DieSse 21:29 28 Jul 2003

Yes but what ISP is it??

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