AOL blocking e-mails

  Seadog 23:37 06 Oct 2003

Has anyone experienced AOL blocking e-mails as spam? I sent a couple of e-mails to a friend (he's on AOL) about four or five weeks ago without problem from my blueyonder (Telewest) address. For the last ten days or so any I send from the blueyonder address are just not getting to him. If I send them from another address I have with talk21 (BT - free!)they get through Ok.
Any ideas or comments?

  Forum Editor 23:47 06 Oct 2003

are coming in for a good deal of criticism over this. They're blocking emails from the btinternet smtp server as well, and I'm not a happy bunny - I have clients who are AOL users, and I can't contact them via my btinternet broadband conection.

It's all very well trying to stop spam, but when it involves identifying one of the UK's busiest smtp mail servers as a spam source I can't help feeling that someone isn't doing their job properly.

  JIM 23:51 06 Oct 2003

Has your friend Blocked you? through his email settings by mistake? or has he hit the

"Report Spam' button" :)
Now you can report spam to AOL and delete it from your mailbox, all with one click!

To use this new feature on AOL 8.0, open your mailbox (by clicking Read on your AOL toolbar, as above). Highlight an unwanted email by clicking on it once, then click Report Spam at the bottom of the mailbox window.  The email will be deleted, while at the same time a copy will be forwarded to AOL.

Using this feature to report any spam you receive enables AOL to more efficiently update our automatic spam filters and stop junk email before it reaches you in future.

Tip: You can report multiple junk emails at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key as you click on each email.  Then report them all at once by clicking Report Spam when finished.

  DieSse 23:52 06 Oct 2003

And I've had the same from Spain from Wanadoo (probably Europes largest ISP) !!!!!!!! - though not right at this moment.

They really are doing an apalling job with their so called "spam-blocking" - am I being paranoid in suspecting ulterior motives.

Should/could we complain to Oftel??

  Seadog 23:53 06 Oct 2003

Ahhh, so that is the reason? I had only read a rumour somewhere (probably this forum!) that AOL were blocking some messages, is there anything my friend can do?.......................

  JIM 23:56 06 Oct 2003

posted before i read your comments.Makes sense Seadog.Mind you our FE,not a happy bunny!! NEVER :)

  Forum Editor 23:57 06 Oct 2003

Yes, there is. He can complain to AOL on behalf of the thousands of perectly innocent people who are being affected by this draconian policy.

  powerless 23:57 06 Oct 2003

Wanadoo eh? Freeserve Wanadoo...

  Seadog 00:14 07 Oct 2003

I have just sent ny friend an e-mail telling him what has been said here. (Sent from Talk21 e-mail!!!!)

  anchor 09:04 07 Oct 2003

I wonder if they are blocking messages sent from Hotmail or Yahoo mail.

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