AOL bb speeds.

  rdave13 12:01 17 Mar 2006

Having noticed some threads about bb speeds this is what happened to me. I downloaded AOL's ACS 4.1 beta ( I try to help) and promptly forgot about it.

A couple of days later I checked my connection speed and it was down to 1 meg. I'm on platinum so was on half speed.Contacted "live help" and phoned about the problem. One chap suggested that I go to ASDA to get an uptodate AOL disk.....have you ever caught yourself looking increduously at a telephone! Then I remembered about the beta program and downloaded the original ASC 2.6 click here Logged off and uninstalled the beta and installed AOL connectivity service 2.6 .Logged on again but speed still down to half.Checked in Control panel to see if I could do a repair but it would only try to uninstall. Reinstalled ACS 2.6 over the original installation and that worked. Logged on again and now speed at1.93 Mbps or 1933.6 Kbps and fairly steady.

  rdave13 20:34 18 Mar 2006


  CurlyWhirly 21:54 18 Mar 2006

Glad you got your problem sorted and problems like you had is the reason why I don't use BETA software anymore.

AOL's customer support wasn't much good as usual!

  bluto1 21:59 18 Mar 2006

I can easily understand the way you looked at your phone. I`m with Tiscali and hear some wonderful suggestions from go back to sleep to you`ve got a virus. OK so I`ve exaggerated about sleeping, so what?

Just a thought in the back of my mind, how much of your efforts were involved at or near your posting to the forum. If a 100 other people (schoolkids) in your area tried to access the `net would`nt that affect your connectivity?

  rdave13 22:41 18 Mar 2006

No I don't think so as my download speed has been steady since last may.Just trying to improve things if at all possible.Tried the beta twice and twice my speed dropped.Have informed the beta team.

CurlyWhirly, hope you will get a speed upgrade soon, saw your other thead.

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