AOL B-band Platinum & BT home visits

  jabisfab 14:44 31 Oct 2004

I've noticed that there is a warning from AOL that if you order AOL platinum deal, there 'may' be a need for a site visit by BT to overcome technical difficulties. Has anyone had experience of this or can shed further light on what the difficulty may be?

  CurlyWhirly 14:59 31 Oct 2004

Hi. I had the EXACT same message as before September 6th 2004 I was UNABLE to get the 1 mb broadband speed due to me living quite far from the exchange.
I was expecting a BT home visit as well when I ordered the upgrade but as it turned out I am pleasantly surprised that since upgrading to AOL Broadband Platinum 2 months ago I have had NO connection problems whatsoever!

Even if you have to have a BT home visit this visit is FREE of charge and all the Engineer does is fit a BT faceplate to your telephone line though I am not sure of the exact details.

  CurlyWhirly 15:07 31 Oct 2004

click here

It says in the above article that a NTE5 ADSL faceplate will be used on engineer assisted installations.
In the article it doesn't mention whether the BT installation is FREE but I am sure I read somewhere that it is.
Perhaps someone could verify this as I don't want to give the wrong info?

  CurlyWhirly 15:14 31 Oct 2004

click here

In the above article it states that "BT would not charge the customer for this engineer visit."

  jabisfab 15:26 31 Oct 2004

Cheers CW - that's v helpful.

  Graham ® 15:38 31 Oct 2004

The ADSL guide states that 'lines with a higher loss will receive a faceplate'. This is the lower part of a master socket, which you would have to change yourself.

Any engineering visit would indeed be free to you, AOL would pay BT. The engineer would look at the routing of your line back to the exchange, to see if a shorter or lower loss cable is available. They may also check your external and internal wiring.

So what you are getting is a free 'health check'!

  CurlyWhirly 15:52 31 Oct 2004

I hope you have a hassle FREE upgrade like I did.
Good luck!

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