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  OK Computer 14:17 01 Oct 2003

I'm currently subscribed to AOL's Anytime Dial Up Connection which i'm mostly happy with.

However, I have a laptop that I would also like to use with my subscription. I will be using the same LAND line but would like to avoid installing the "messy" AOL software. Which brings me to my question. I am aware that you can use dial up networking to access ISP's such as freeserve but can this be done for AOL with installing there software??

Thanks in advance


  Mango Grummit 14:29 01 Oct 2003

Did you mean to say "but can this be done for AOL withOUT installing their software??"

If so the answer is no.

  OK Computer 14:30 01 Oct 2003

Yes I did mean without. Definately no then?

  rosblot 14:33 01 Oct 2003

Yes. I've done it on Mac OS X, using an airport connection. I'm sure it could be done in windows using either cable or radio connection.

  OK Computer 14:34 01 Oct 2003

how about dial up modem?

  rosblot 14:36 01 Oct 2003

The aol software is sent temporarilly to your decktop whilst connected and disappears on disconnection

  The Sack 15:06 01 Oct 2003

Use proxy from AnalogX click here

  OK Computer 16:01 01 Oct 2003

Thanks but unfortunately i dont have a home network. I was really after just logging onto AOL without installing there software, but I have been assured that this is not possible...

Thanks anyway

  Djohn 16:08 01 Oct 2003

You can from your laptop log onto another ISP [PAYG] and then go to the AOL web page at click here and then use your username and password to acess your mail and other fetures.

You will of coure be paying at the rate of a local phone call for your internet access. If you do not have another ISP, then a good free one is Freeuk at click here j.

  OK Computer 16:12 01 Oct 2003

thanks for the links.

to be honest I will be spending long amounts of time on the internet and wanted to be able to use my AOL anytime to cover the costs that I would have built up. Guess I will have to either install the AOL software on the laptop or network the two together and share the one internet connection

Thanks anyway

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