AOL annoyance anyone use it please

  Old Shep 14:39 03 Feb 2005

My friend has just signed up to aol (dial up) and to log onto the internet is a nightmare. Upon clicking on the connect icon she is faced with not only screens popping up but the most annoying is that she has to sign in everytime with her user name and password for aol. Dont suppose it makes any differenece but on XP Home sp2. Anyone know how to turn this logging in off please - I have never had to do that before to connect to the net.

  feb 14:42 03 Feb 2005

On the sign on screen, check the "save password" box

  Chezdez 14:44 03 Feb 2005

if she's on dial up, she will have to use the connect button, assuming you mean 56k dial up?

if it's broadband your on about, then no, you can't avoid this, because it is software. i had this with pipex (having to 'dial up'), but i bi-passed it by using a router, so it's always connected now.

  Old Shep 14:48 03 Feb 2005

feb - thanks will get her to try that tonight dont know if she has already.

Chezdez - yes she is on 56k dial up

I have been on dial up with Freeserve and never had to do that, it just connected, as it does now with Pipex Broadband.

Thanks for your suggestions

  Chezdez 15:07 03 Feb 2005

I have been on dial up with Freeserve and never had to do that, it just connected, as it does now with Pipex Broadband.

you must have has two seperate phone lines, becuase otherwise your phone would be constantly engaged!!

my mate has just told me that freeserve used to do dial up so that it was always on, he's not entirely sure on the details, but you needed two phone lines for that

  Old Shep 15:15 03 Feb 2005

Sorry you lost me a bit there - the problem is always having to sign in with user name and password I have never had to do that before either with Freeserve or Pipex. However I will get her to try feb's advice later tonight. Many thanks for your replies. Regards

  stlucia 15:17 03 Feb 2005

The user name should come up in the log-on screen by default (there should be a drop-down list of all the screen names that she's created). The password can be remembered by the AOL software if you check the "save password" box, as suggested by feb.

  Shas 15:31 03 Feb 2005

Can understand about not having 'save password' ticked, but seems strange that her user name is not remembered. (I'm assuming she has the AOL software installed.)

When she is connected, if she hasn't done so already suggest she goes to the Settings drop down - there's loads of configuration choices in there. She can also get to it through Safety. (That's if she's on AOL9 - if she has AOL8 it may be called Preferences or something, can't quite remember now!)

  Chezdez 15:55 03 Feb 2005

to get onto dial up, you to need get the modem to dial a numberm whcih connect it onto a server, so your line is effectively engaged. therefore, for you to have a 'dial up' connection that is always on, you would need to have a second phone line (because if you only had one, it would be constantly engaged)

my mate has just informed me that freeserve ran some sort of 'always on' dial up service, but you needed a second phone line, and were billed by the minute or something

not entirely sure what he meant my self, how would the modem connect when you turned the computer on? it would need to 'dial' up to get on the server

as for pipex, if you use the 330 modem they give you, you need to 'dial up', but your not actually dialling anything, 0,83 is the UK access codes onto the network, and then your account is verified. this is a PPPoE (point-to-point over Ethernet)

if you use a router (like myself, because the internet is shared between two computers, then the router accesses the network by a different method, PPPoA (point-to-point over ATM (can't remember what ATM means, or how it works, sorry))

  Sethhaniel 15:58 03 Feb 2005

that is wiping the cookies out each time

  Old Shep 18:24 03 Feb 2005

Thanks all I think its sorted now she clicked on save password and went into settings as suggested. Got to say she is not impressed with aol which seems to have taken over her computer. Never mind we live and learn. Regards to all for advice.

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