heribierto 11:46 12 Oct 2004

I am using a Dell machine with windows xp professional.
recently I connected with family and buddies using my quick cam express camera which works fine.
My friends have a Mac computer with AOL ISIGHT and AOL ICHAT.
when we use instant video message we both see each other and sound is ok.
On their monitor I am a full screen picture but on my monitor they are very small and there seems to be no way of enlarging the picture.
Any suggestions. ISIGHT and ICHAT are only campatible for Macs

  picklsey 14:24 12 Oct 2004

give aol a phone they should be able to answer your queery.

  Muzzsjm 00:20 15 Oct 2004

Used to work for AOL, they will tell you to get lost asap and that they do not support it. Typical of them I know but they are more worried about the number of call they take rather than the quality.

I know there were lots of issues with Dell/Compaq PC's and Sony Vaio laptops and AOL when 8.0/9.0 were brought out.

It could be a case that AOL did not include anything in the software to allow viewing in full screen from a PC to an iMAC or vice versa.

  heribierto 11:17 16 Oct 2004

my 'buddy' has a Mac pc and uses aol pogram called Ichat and this lets him view in full screen but Ichat can only be used on Macs

  feb 12:26 16 Oct 2004

Thats the fixed size of the AOL and Logitech windows, you might want to try MSM, Windows or Yahoo Messenger to see if they are better or worse!

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