AOL 9 problem

  ray7 21:35 30 Apr 2004

Anyone any idea why, when I try to write an e.mailthe computer freezes? It was O.K. with AOL 8 and also for a couple of days after installing aol9. The technical helpline was worse than useless and I feel sure the expertise in this forum could be more helpful.

Could the answer be....DUMP AOL and if so, which Broadband is recommended.

  matt1234 21:57 30 Apr 2004


i think it might be you pc how much ram have you got and also aol is a very good service so dont loose fait in them just when you get the email for how good the tech surport is tell them what you think of them and theyll slowly sort them selves out

back to the point
u know u can now use outlook on it ask their help thing for info

also try reinstalling

do some basic house keeping (disk fragment etc)

  Djohn 22:01 30 Apr 2004

If your using dial-up go into settings and choose a different connection number. Some work better than others and e-mail freeze is a sign of a poor number connection.

  ray7 22:23 30 Apr 2004

Thanks or the response. I've carried out scandisc, defrag and aol repairt. I've also had the PC checked out and given a clean bill of health. All to no avail. It's possible you may be right re memory, although all was o.k for a couple of days. By the way, I,m running W98 with 256 ram. Thanks for your tip re Outlook...I wasn't aware it was now available.

  Cesar 09:14 01 May 2004

I have been using AOL 9.0 for three weeks now and haven't had any problems, Have you used AOL check up? it reports any problems with AOL and fixes them.

  bertiecharlie 20:50 01 May 2004

click here to help you set up Outlook Express with AOL 9.0. (It's the usual procedure but you use port 587 instead of 25 for outgoing). You can also use Incredimail with AOL 9.0 if you set it up the same way as Outlook Express.

  Cesar 10:20 03 May 2004

I wouldn't dump AOL 9.0 as it's the best one they have produced, if you have access to an e-mail program e-mail UKbeta they will sort it out and tell you how to correct it.

  ray7 21:26 05 May 2004

Thank you all for your predictable excellant responses. Whilst attempting various remedies to solve the problem, I constantly received Windows messages failing to find files on the CD, failing to make connections etc.etc..

It then appeared to me to be possibly a W98 problem so I uninstalled W98 and installed XP>
(I hope it was a wise move). Since then, everything appears to be operating O.K. Time will tell.

Thanks again and my apologies for the delay in responding.It was difficult without access to the Internet!

  gold 47 23:35 05 May 2004

I have found AOL9 seems very sluggish with W98 better with AOL8 all work fine with WXP infact AOL9 is the best upgrade so far.

  Yo Ho 02:50 06 May 2004

Hope you have got your problem sorted Ray. I was running AOL9 Beta on Windows 98, and didn't have a problem with e-mail. I now have a new computer, running XPpro, and have just installed AOL9 from disk today. So far, everything is running fine.
Good luck with it. I like it, so far.

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